Nothing – but part of everything

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imageThere is nothing physical that does not first exist within mind. The spark that jumps from neuron to neuron emits bursts of pure creative energy, energy that ignites vast universes into creation and fuels them as they travel across the great Ether.

In the formless void, form is shaped, given name, then destroyed, only to be made anew at the start of each new day. Time and Space is merely a clothes line that Form is hung on, till it dries.

And when that spark, that divine intent, has served its purpose it collapses back in on itself. Folding back on themselves each form returns to its potential. Collapsing silently into a black hole. A maw where all is returned to source, all energy is released for reuse and a new white star is created in its wake.

And it is these tombstones that light the path for those that follow, twinkling beacons for lives once lived, lives once lovingly suffered, a hard won glory for a soul long passed. No longer feeling the need to create and destroy, surrendered – they just are. One with All. All within the One. Nothing – but part of everything – for eternity.