Out of your mind

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Karma tends to get a bad rap. We say, ‘Oh that’s just Karma, there’s nothing I can do about that’.

In reality Karma is just all the baggage you carry around with you. Every event and emotion you have experienced in your past. Your mind collects these and keeps throwing them back in your face, often at the most inopportune moments.

Your mind is like an annoying nagging friend that hangs around with you all the time. Whenever you decide to do something new this friend says,  ‘No, no, no – remember the last time you tried doing something like that – it was a disaster’. So you listen to what they are saying and all that negativity naturally dampens your enthusiasm. Then the ‘you’ that isn’t your mind decides that it’s maybe not worthwhile doing it. After all ‘Mind’ knows best.

Once this has happened enough times you start to realise that you are stuck in a rut. It might be a safe rut but it’s still a rut. The longer you walk back and forth in this rut the deeper it gets, until you can’t see anything new over the edges of it.

You don’t notice at first. It takes a few years before you start to notice the repetitive patterns that keep appearing in your life. If you could just get away from that nagging shadow then you would be free to experience new situations, new emotions and create new karma.

The problem is, how to shut up your mind. If you could put your mind to sleep then you don’t need to solve all your old karmic problems. They never really existed outside of minds memory. That should be your prime directive in life. Dump your dark shadow – your mind – and experience the real beauty of life through the eyes of the Spacious Now.