Apr 27

Are Chakras important?

The more discover about Chakras the more I start to get a gut feeling about how important they really are. It’s hard to argue with something that is a basic element of ancient Chinese and Indian energy systems. Every time I think I am moving away from them I seem to be drawn back to them with more force than before.

I wish I had a better recall of my dreams.  I had one last week that was so clear at the time. When I woke and tried to grab it then it turned to dust in my hands. In this dream I was shown exactly how chakras work; how the colour and frequency are an essential part of their meaning. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 01

If a tree falls…

“If mankind were to disappear tomorrow and no other conscious species exists in the universe, present time as we conceive it would also disappear; what remains of nature and physical reality will continue to be subject to some form of order and relativity.”
Birgitta Dresp-Langley, Jean Durup

Nature is a series of cyclic events, experienced through a combination of intuition and the five senses. Without the human consciousness overlaying it, with its concept of ‘Time and Space’, these events they would carry on; regardless of whether we exist or not. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 22

Christmas Connections

Two hundreds years ago the world was a smaller less complicated place. The edge of a persons life was the end of their village and everyone knew everyone else. Feeling connected to your community was a given. Family and neighbours meant something. Then the world started shrinking, technology joined communities into one giant global village. We can now communicate with everyone in the world in seconds yet somehow along the way we have lost our connection to each other. How on earth did that happen? How did all this technological advancement drive us further apart from each other?
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