Philosophy of ONE

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imageWe are born alone and we die alone. In between those events we continually battle with loneliness. Through despair, we set forth on a never ending search for a companion. A path buddy to make our solitude seem somewhat more bearable. This companion bears many faces, and changes from minute to minute, but it is ITS presence that stops us from appreciating the joy, the joy that can only be found in being ONE.

ONE is not isolated and alone.

To say that the fingernail on your hand is alone would be ridiculous. It is a seperate part of your body, but is connected to the whole. It doesn’t lie awake at night and worry about whether the body, it is attached to, will be there tomorrow. It does not try to be a kidney, liver or any other body part. It does not bear malice to the other parts of the body, or envy them for being different. It just is, and it just grows; as it’s meant to. If we could see ourselves as just a fingernail, on some immense creation that makes up everything in the universe, then we would realise that we aren’t expected to be other than what we are. A vital part to the whole, yet no less or more important than any other part. When we set ourselves apart form the whole we become like a cancer, a cancer that stops the whole from being ONE. We affect and disturb those around us too. Our dis-ease makes them feel that perhaps they are also out of sync with the ONE. Under our influence they teeter along with us. Side by side we stagger from left to right on the scales of life. Eventually though, all parts of the ONE, slowly return to the way of balance. Centred and at ease they no longer require the excess’s of a material life. They realise their place in the infinite, their eternal bond with ‘All That Is’.

When we are born we are ONE but we forget so easily what peace and comfort there is in being part of All That Is. The first hunger pain, and the subsequent relief of our mothers breast, sets us on the path of Aquisition and Loss – Pleasure and Pain. This cycle of suffering is biological, social and spiritual and hangs around our necks like Marley’s Chain. We attach new links to this chain every day of our lives.

ONE is eternal

‘All That Is’ – is eternal. It has always been and will always be. It exists, outwith our petty notion of time. Time is a creation of mind. Mind creates it as a means of containing the Pleasure/Pain cycle. Each part of the cycle needs to follow the other, consecutively, and it is this continual looping from one to the other that scars the face of ‘All That Is’. This process draws a spider web of ‘Time and Space’ across our dimension. We are wayward parents watching our sugar crazed child as it scratches a crayon moustache on the Mona Lisa.

‘Time and Space’ do not exist, outwith the thoughts of a mind suffering from duality. When we leave this physical body, and we are no longer slaves to the ‘Cycle’, we slow down. The gaps between pleasure and pain get longer and longer. And in those gaps we begin to recognise that there is peace and joy to be found, without the need for suffering. A type of peace that is only found in the ONE – ‘All That Is’.

One is all and all is One

ONE is connected to everyone and everything, in a way that can only brings peace and love. We are all made up out of the same particles that flick from dimension to dimension. Transforming from physical to etheric to spiritual in a blink of an eye. As we sleep the particles that aren’t required to make our bodies solid transfer to another form that needs solidity. That’s why our dreams are so infused with intense images of unknown lands and worlds. And in this transference process we rub shoulder with particles that have been part of our loved ones, our friends, pets and even enemies. We share a common memory, a common bond of creating ‘All That Is’

ONE does not suffer

ONE does not suffer, as there is no conflict in ONE. Only our thoughts can create suffering. If I stop thinking for a second there is a moment when all pain ceases to exist. It is only when we stop and think, that we look back at the past and we pull an event from our memories. This event could be beautiful or horrific, it matters not. As soon as we pull up a memory we are programmed to project that memory into the future – creating ‘Time’. In an effort to either recreate that joy of a beautiful sunny picnic, or avoid the horrors of a car crash, we create suffering for ourselves. We either try to continually recreate that beautiful day or worry about driving tomorrow. Both are un-achievable, pointless exercises, so we are continually disappointed or worrying for a future event, that probably will never happen.

The ONE lives in the NOW.

No yesterday and no tomorrow. No thought, just the joy of being in the NOW. With no pain there is no need for an analgesic forms to ease the pain. Without ‘Time’ there is no need to fill it with needless afore mentioned companions – religion, society, beliefs, drink, drugs, smoking, gambling, pastimes, work. That doesn’t mean that as physical beings we can just opt out of society, and let’s face it if you don’t work you won’t eat. However, how you approach each moment (while you are part of this physical, material based world) can make the difference between living in ease or dis-ease. You have the choice whether to live a life of suffering or a life of joy. Living a spiritual life NOW makes living in a spiritual afterlife so much easier. After all, this life is a training ground for the next. The more you become dependant on the material world the longer you will need to spend in a rehab centre, in the next. You will need to be cured of your addiction to the physical, like an earth bound drug addict.