Proving Non Local Consciousness (OOB) – a personal experience

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I have probably written about this subject so many times, in one form or another, but understanding it and actually experiencing it for yourself is worlds apart; literally worlds apart. There is a cliff sized step between a belief and actually knowing. Once you take that step there is no going back. Last night was one such night for my wife and I.

My wife had been unwell for a few days and decided to take a decongestant tablet before sleeping. I know from personal experience that these can certainly make you dream more, as they tend to heighten and then break any fever fighting in your system. I followed her to bed several hours later and tossed and turned for several hours. What follows is my experience followed by my wife’s own experience and how the independent events merged together.

I think I had nodded off quite soon after going to bed but I woke very quickly. I often have trouble getting back to sleep when that happens. I just sort of drift in and out of sleep so that I inhabit that strange twilight stage of being neither conscious nor unconscious. I had to occupy my mind (or get up) so I started having an imaginary conversation with an imaginary person about how we are spirit in a physical body.┬áThen I went on to explain how the Physical, Auric, Etheric and Spirit bodies worked. I was really going for it and I was visualising these glowing bodies that extend just beyond our physical body. I think I had reached the Etheric level and was just moving onto the Spirit body when I realised that I wasn’t alone. I felt a benevolent presence that I instantly trusted and loved. I could feel myself merge so completely with this being to the point where words were no longer┬ánecessary. There wasn’t anything to say anyway as we knew everything about each other. My first thoughts were that this was my higher self. I’m quite cynical so in my EGO heavy mind I would be the only person that I would trust that implicitly. My hands started vibrating with an intense electrical energy that was almost too much to bear and my right leg would not stay still. I had to shoot it out to the right to put some tension on it. That was the only way to stop it jumping about and possibly waken my wife. Then I felt something touch me around the hip, almost like my wife had just bumped against me. It happened again. This roused me a bit and I decided to see where my wife was so I reached out for her. I reached and reached but I had to go a long way to find that she was perched on the edge of the bed and running a really high fever. She woke and very grumpily told me to back off, which I did. I knew that my hands were in healing mode so I aimed them at her back in the hope that it might help. Just after that I must have nodded off.

My wife had managed to get to sleep and it was a pleasant relief for her when she drifted out of her sick physical body and floated above the bed. From there she could survey us both laying in bed. From her vantage point she could see how restless I was and the steam rising from her own fevered body. She reached down and touched me. My legs started twitching even more so she backed off in case she woke me. Just as she was about to drift out of the bedroom I suddenly rolled over and started touching her back. She woke with a start and realised she was back in her sick body. She was not pleased at being made to jump back into this furnace of flesh. She told me later that “I felt exactly like me but without the limitations our bodies impose. If dying is like that then I can see why people don’t realise they’ve died as I was totally sentient..”

I told her my story the next day, in a text message, but omitted certain details that she later confirmed when she told me her story. We both now know that this event did happen and it happened to us. My wife has already had experiences that have taken her from belief to knowing but this was a big one for me. I now know that my consciousness is not confined to my brain or my body. It is capable of moving between states, merging with loved ones minds and learning knowledge that is beyond this worlds. As for my attempt at healing my wife, well she is better today but the sceptic in me would say that the decongestant just broke her fever. I think I need a lot more personal proof (on the healing front) before I can fully take that concept fully on board. It’s good to be openly sceptical right up to the point when you fall of the knowing cliff.