Psychocoma (Soul – Sleep) by Helen Rhodes – Digitally Remastered

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Psychocoma or Soul-sleep: Is the diagnosis of your own soul. During sleep the soul functions on the subconscious plane. During our waking period we are dreaming out loud. We ask how did this come about? Herein lies the secret of our earth life.

This 1908 manual from Helen Rhodes delves into the perennial laws of the universe and their use in daily life. If you would like to develop while you sleep then this is the book for you.

Digitally Remastered Edition. Buy now at a reduced price on Lulu or available in all major online stores late November 2017.

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Part I.

Psychcoma or Soul-sleep: Existence as we know it. Birth and death. Astral, physical, spiritual life. Psychic visions. Obsession. Subliminal self. Transmutation of instincts. Cosmic consciousness.
Part II.

Transmutation: Sex. Law of vibration. Control of the breath with liberating exercises. Solar plexus. Law of concentration and meditation.
Part III.

Awakening: Aspiration. Subconscious mind. Obsession. Law of suggestion, concentration, meditation, affirmation. Going into the silence. Development during sleep.
Part IV.

Mastership: Cosmic consciousness. Happiness. Dominion. Realization. Healing.