Quantum of Eternity

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cloudI had an experience last night that I felt the need to document in some way. I have known for a couple of weeks now that I have a guide working with me. It has been described as a ‘being of light’ and seems to tower above me, height wise. Last night I decided to ask it for help, whilst I was going to sleep. I asked for some experience on the astral plane, but what happened next was totally unexpected. If it was a feverous dream (or my own imagination) then it was the most advanced and detailed dream that I have ever had. A dozen times though this experience I deliberately opened my eyes to make sure that I hadn’t fallen asleep, so this was more like a vision or elaborate day dream.

I had just read a section on how to do Lucid Dreaming and it had suggested focusing on an object. This would undoubtedly have been in my subconscious mind so I’m not sure if that was a deliberate synchronisation on the part of spirit, to aid with this experiment. It did play a big factor and in the automatic writing that I conducted, before retiring, it was also mentioned that I would receive a new tool.

As I closed my eyes I could see what looked like a small light, trailing a dust cloud behind it (think comet), that was rotating around a small dark space. It was violet in colour and the edges were quite diffused. The more I concentrated on the dark center the more I realised that the light seemed to be behind clouds and after a while the clouds gathered depth and the dark space became the furthest away point of a pulsing cloud tunnel, that I was being drawn into. Suddenly images started coming faster than I could remember them, but not like my previous visions of spirit faces; which hovered out of the darkness and dissipated just as quickly. These images were bright and incredibly detailed. It was like I was experiencing a thousand worlds, an endless lifetime of someone’s memories in a split second. It reminded me of those scenes from Sci-Fi films where the hero gets dragged back to a groundhog day, and the story you have just been watching gets reversed in hyper speed.

Then there was an object (not sure what it was or if that was important). As I concentrated on that object my in breath drew me closer and closer until I was actually inside the object, at a molecular level. I was surrounded by a sea of electricity and pulsating cavalcades of multicoloured lights – atoms. My guide then attached us to one of these quantum particles and it blinked out of this material form to reappear in another form. When I exhaled I drew out of that object and realised that I was in another space and time looking at a different object, which this particle had jumped into. I was experiencing multi dimensional time travel, through the eyes of this being of light. If it is possible for your unfettered consciousness to hone in, entangle with a quantum particle and then leap along with it throughout the multiverse, then there are no limits to our life’s discoveries, no boundaries to the expansion of our knowledge. That is frightening and utterly glorious at the same time.

Andrew Jackason Davis 1847At one point I stopped in a cloud and it cleared enough to see a man working at a writing table but his clothes and hair style suggested the mid 19th century, rather than modern day. He did look a bit like a younger Andrew Jackson Davis and the word ‘Andrew’ actually popped into my head like I was being told who this man was. I can’t verify that though. Again this could be my subconscious, as I am quite aware of Andrews work, and also the image attached to this article. This image is closer to the man I saw, age wise, but I think mine had a moustache and if it was Andrew then that would place it between 1850-60. He seemed aware of and amused by our visit. The clouds closed in before I could see what he was writing and we were travelling again.

Twice I caught sight of a lightning flash, just above me and on the right. I have been told that when I experienced this before, in a healing training session, that it is referred to as the God Light. I am told this is quite a rare sight so I value their inclusion in my travels. I also came face to face with a solid wall of white light that was so bright that it would have normally blinded a physical eye. I could look at it quite comfortably and there was a feeling of serenity here. It wasn’t completely white though, I’m sure that there were violet dots moving constantly throughout it like tiny fireflies.

I know that I wasn’t dreaming this but I also know that the level of detail and speed of the images far exceeded anything that my mind is capable of achieving. It went on for at least an hour and then I fell asleep but I know that it was continuing, as every time I woke during the night it was still going on. Who knows the adventures, the planets, the scenes of alien beauty that I experienced that night. I may remember them again, when I transition to spirit, but for now I am just thankful to spirit (and my lofty guide) for allowing me premiere access to this High Definition trailer; a trailer for the best movie that I will ever see. I like to call it ‘Quantum of Eternity’.