Ramon Stevens – The Alexander Material

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imageI am just starting to recognise a pattern in my spiritual life. I discover a rich wealth of metaphysical insight only to discover on further investigation that my teacher has passed on to the spirit world. Such is the case with Ramon Stevens. I have just finished reading ‘Conscious Life’, which reaffirmed and solidified all that I had learned from the Seth Material.

I was so impressed by the quality of the information (channelled by Ramom from the entity Alexander) that I had emailed a question to his web site. Then a further search uncovered Ramons sad obituary and I had to face the fact that another of my spiritual gurus had passed in 2012 at the young age of 55.

For the time being Ramons site is still up and running, although unlikely to ever be updated. I can only assume that his family are keeping up the costs of the site. It would be such a shame to lose this resource as I have learned so much from reading the 1993-95 newsletters; they are still available on the site. If you loved reading The Seth Material then I highly recommend the Alexander Material.