Reincarnation – going back over the facts

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I have just finished reading ‘The Risen’ by August Goforth, for the third time. Damn that book gets better every time I read it. It also highlights beliefs that I have or have developed since reading it last and that’s a really useful exercise in how you are progressing on your spiritual path. This time I ultimately but understandably came unstuck on the Reincarnation section. Most spiritual belief systems will probably feature reincarnation, in some form or another, and I really thought I had a handle on it till I read this section again.

What I had resolved as my beliefs on the subject;

1. That we are spirit before we come to earth and we return to the same spirit realm after our physical earth bodies give up the ghost. We are eternal, as we come from an eternal source. The problem with the word ‘Eternal’ is that in our minds it is a linear time event. If time does not exist then there is only the eternal now and that by definition would need to be absolutely tiny, to the point of nonexistent, yet still contain everything.

2. I believe, probably from reading a lot of the Seth Material, that we are seeded from one Group Soul and that this Group Soul has a primary agenda that it wants to investigate. To achieve this agenda it seeds multiple spirits into the world, across multiple times and multiple dimensions. My Group Soul could have created me in the 60s, another in the 1920s, perhaps one in the 1800s or even in the future. Each of these individualised lives is still unique but has the same purpose in life. However, by examining this same subject using different sex, race, environment and time periods a more complete picture can be gathered. The Group Soul then feeds this knowledge back up the hierarchy of its own Group Soul. Ultimately all knowledge comes from and is returned to Source so that Source can experience itself fully.

3. Potentially, if I am open to it, I could be in contact with these other group members. Through astral projection, day and night dreams, I could experience parts of their lives. This could lead me to think that I had lived before. I might even be able to prove these prior existences with facts that can be verified. This explains past life regressions.

4. If our life and life plan are set down then so are our parents, family and environment. They are selected for the best possible chance of experiencing that life lesson fully. Other key members in this life could be other seeded members of my Soul Group that have agreed to play their part. This explains why we are drawn to certain people throughout our life.

5. The universal law of ‘Free Will’ means that my spirit may ignore all these lessons. Even though they will keep arising whether I ignore them or not. I still have the choice to choose a different path. This explains why the same things keep happening in our lives. They will until we face no resolve them once and for all. Deja Vu is a heightened representation of this effect in action.

6. I am a unique individual and unlike any other within my Group Soul. We are all still incredibly connected and essentially one (like twins with their special telepathy) but I still have my own uniqueness. This authentic self is with me before and after this earth life. This unique self is not absorbed at death and doesn’t just vanish into the ether. I have the potential throughout my earth life to create all sorts of smaller fragmentary Ego self’s. Some of these can linger on after death, if they have amassed enough energy and can keep feeding of another living persons energy. These hollow shells explain ghosts and much of the psychic contact that mediums have.

So what were ‘The Risen’ spanners in the works?

1. Before we come to Earth We do not exist as individualised spirit. Our life essentially is seeded and starts at the moment of our Earth birth. After we die the authentic individualised part of us carries on progressing and moving from lower to higher vibrational levels. This process is always spiralling upwards towards a complete merging back into Source. This one alone kind of messes up 1 and 4 of my afore mentioned beliefs.

2. Very few people choose to be reincarnated and when they do it is usually carried out for a specific teaching role. In some cases they may not have even been born on Earth before. Reincarnation is NOT the norm as many religions and cults propose it to be.

3. Experiencing past life memories could be one of two things. If you have a strong astral connection to someone then your nightly visits with them can bleed into normal life giving you the feeling that you have experienced something they did a long time ago. The other alternative is that you are just remembering the life of an earth bound spirit that has attached itself to you. I spoke earlier of fragmentary Ego Self. This fragment may decide to not dissolve when the physical body does. If it can attach to another physical being then it can feed from it and force images onto that being which would resemble past life’s. Without this energy these hollow shells or shadow people cannot maintain their astral bodies and they decay and pass back into the universal material that builds all life.

4. Free will still applies so if it is your desire to experience the reincarnation game then it won’t be denied from you. The proviso is that it won’t happen on this version of earth. Your mind is powerful enough to create its own holographic universe for you to play out this drama. Others may decide to help create this alternative earth and to also play out their reincarnation fantasy in it. Eventually though even these souls will tire of this cycle and will decide to progress. For all you know you could be in one of those right now, trying to make up for some bad karma you judged yourself of having committed.

As a Spiritualist I have read this principle every week – ‘eternal progress open to every human soul’. Why didn’t I see it before? Reincarnation is hardly progress, more a stagnating loop or actual regression. The universe doesn’t devolve, it constantly evolves. James Webster (The case against reincarnation) says “One cannot be a spiritualist and Reincarnationist without being a hypocrite!”. I can see that now.

So what am I left with;

1. This is our first and only life on Earth (except where I deliberately get in the way of the process).
2. Our individualised consciousness lives on after our physical bodies die.
3. We are guided by like minded spirits throughout our life and afterlife.
4. I am part of a Group Soul and can potentially contact other members of my group, across Time and Space.
5. Key lessons in our lives are mapped out but ‘free will’ means that they can be ignored or overwritten.
6. What I believe now will become my reality in the next level of existence. It’s better to get it right in your head now, rather than later. False beliefs, false gods and religious credos simply hinder spiritual progress.