Sacred Geometry

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I’m sure, like me, that you dreaded those daily maths lessons we all had to suffer at school. I’m also sure that there are maths teachers out there that actually make the subject interesting but I don’t know anyone that has seen this mythical creature. Then you start getting older and you realise that everything in life is maths and you wished that you had payed attention during school. If only teachers could show the real value of maths then I’m sure more kids would see the wonder of nature and divine spirit at work in everything around them.

Like most things I have found recently Sacred Geometry was another of those fortunate finds. I can’t even remember the path I took to get there but here I am. The further down the spiritual path you get the more synchronicity’s start to appear in your life. It’s that feeling that you get when you just know that you were meant to find something. As if it was moved in front of you by some unseen hand so that you would fall over it. When you start looking into Sacred Geometry then those synchronicity’s start to appear in everything that you see, whether it is man made or as a result of nature.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Creation and life has a wonderful patterned structure to it that isn’t always apparent to the human eye. The marvellous crystalline symmetry of snowflakes, the spirals in shells and pine cones, the human body when we look at cell structure, the planets in our universe and there orbital paths, the immaculate structures created by living things like honeycombs. Once you start looking you will see a divine hand in everything.

Then you look at what man has constructed and realise that he has imitated these cosmic designs and principles in all his structures. The great pyramids, ancient stone monoliths, churches and temples all using golden ratios, Fibonacci numbers and the Platonic Solids. This knowledge has always been in us but in its written form we can trace it back to the Egyptians and Greeks.

If you look at Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work “The flower of Life” then he dates it further back to Pre Atlantian times, before the last great polar shift that formed the continents we have today.

A lot of Drunvalos theories are a bit out there but a lot of people are looking at his theories and perhaps questioning the knowledge that has been drummed into them by schools and religion. Starting to ask questions about yourself and your place in the universe is a good place to be. It means you are at least open to possibilities and when you are open to possibilities then you experience and when you experience you are alive. So, for as long as you are alive you should always be questioning. Become like a young child again and knowledge will flow into you.

That actually reminds me how I got into this. I found a cartoon on the internet that covers a lot of the history in Drunvalos book in an entertaining way. Be warned though it comes at you fast and furious but it might whet your appetite for further study.

Spirit Science – the creator of this film has lots of smaller youtube videos covering a lot of Sacred Geometry and they are really accessible for the uninitiated or just plain maths stupid (like me).

I could start to explain some of the theories about Sacred Geometry but I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. I might create more posts, on specific subjects later, but for now it’s best leaving this to the guys that have dedicated their lives to this study. If this doesn’t interest you then go or a walk and take a good long look at nature. In between those patterns you will discover the beginnings of the universe.