Sacred Sounds

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realmThere are fragments of divine knowledge which all humans beings seem to understand instinctively. We seem to be born with this esoteric code hidden deep within our DNA yet, very few of us probably even piece together more than a few of these sacred jigsaw pieces. We use only 8% of the DNA strand, to create the genes required for human life, and less than 10% of our brains capacity. Perhaps the rest of the knowledge about how the universe is created is already there, just waiting for us to decipher it. Every now and again when you are on a spiritual journey something just clicks into place. As I was told from the pulpit today you don’t need to know your spirit guides name, you just need to trace back the last few years to see where their hand has steered you towards the epiphany that you just had. There’s nothing like getting high above it all and seeing the big picture, so to speak.

I have always been drawn to sound and music since early childhood. In hind sight I can now see some of the gentle prods from angelic wings that have steered my love of sonics. In its own right it beautiful but only now do I realise how important that love of sound has been. Only now when I tie it in with all my spiritual studies does it all seem to make sense as to why I was so drawn to it. Perhaps why we are all so much in love with our music. In my teens I would write a song and I would ad lib the initial vocals so that I could get a skeleton for the melody that I would flesh out later with more carefully thought out lyrics. Invariably I would cry real tears during this ad lib stage like the random words that I would pluck out of the air were plucked straight from my heart. Often they weren’t even real words, just sounds acting as placeholders for some later word that somehow would lose its power when translated to English.

I read today that an American tribe, that didn’t have the word for square in their language, upon trying to describe a video of a spinning window frame could only see spinning lines. Without the correct word for a square the square just did not exist in their reality. How often have you woken from a dream, that made perfect sense to you, only to have it disperse as you tried to give a name to that form. I often dream in symbols but when I try and piece them together the description destroys the image or the words I use seem to coerce that divine image into something less, something that my ape brain will be able to handle. If I could bring back the right word, to match that dream form, then I think that I could manifest that dream form right here in our physical reality. It would appear before my eyes as solid as the screen I am tapping away on right now. That’s magic.

(Note: I know that the latest scientific myth buster is that we DO actually use 100% of our brains but I’m going to ignore that as they used to say that coffee was good, then bad, then… Sometimes you have to just trust your gut and I know we only use a fraction. We may use all the physical power but I don’t think we have learned how to tap into Jung’s collective unconsciousness yet. In computer speak we may have filled up our hard drives but we haven’t payed for an account on the Cloud yet.)

Anyway I think I have digressed a bit here. My wife recently discovered Samuel Sagan, and his Clairvision method to initiate third eye awakening. At the heart of the technique is vibration of the larynx. This vibration can be triggered by causing friction on the in and out breaths. Like humming deep in your throat. This can then be matched with the vibration in between your eyebrows. This triggers the third eye to activate causing light effects to appear (behind closed eyes). This is a crucial primary step towards understanding the subtle bodies (physical, etheric, astral & higher ego) that make up our overall spirit body. I haven’t had a time to do a full meditation yet but whilst singing hymns this morning it struck me that they seemed to be structured and tuned in such a fashion that they mirrored the sounds and initiated the same vibrations required to activate third eye awakening. Perhaps this explains their enduring significance in most religions. The words themselves are important but the frequencies somehow open portals in us, portals that allow humanity closer contact with the spirit realms. They rise in pitch and they draw on your lung capacity, probably causing a mild hypoxia. I think that this combination can induce an altered state of consciousness and negating the need for mind bending drugs. ‘How Great Thou Art’ – Spiritual LSD.

It is said that by reciting the correct mantras that Hindu holy men can manifest anything from the world of form into our physical world. The Vedic texts themselves describe how sound energy acts like a blueprint for physical form. In the bible the Word created the Earth. In recent books I have read there have been similar nudges in this direction. ‘Dreamed up reality’ by Bernardo Kastrup talks of the fractal mandalas that he found when he went inside his own being. These were the blueprints to the universe. Mandalas that relate to mantras used in eastern religions. As Samuel Sagan quotes – ‘wherever there is a vibration, there is a being behind it’. I have noticed since starting my spiritual journey that I get more of those high pitched whines in one ear. It only lasts a minute, before tailing off. I read that this is your spirit guide trying to impart knowledge to you. If it is then it’s at such a high frequency that I can’t interpret it yet. I’m hopeful that it all goes into the my subconscious and that eventually it will be released through dreams. Perhaps even visions, if I can awaken my third eye.
Anyway I do feel like it is all starting to fall into place. This is what my guides have been steering me towards. I just need to learn how to make those sounds work for me. I just need to get the right sonic key, to open the right door, to the right information for me – simples. Ah well perhaps I can work that out in the next 50 years, it’s only take 50 years for me to get this far 🙂