Sending your spiritual senses in a thought.

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The five senses, that we as so used to using, also have their counterpart sense within your spirit body. Your normal eyesight is pretty neat but your spirit eyesight could see clearly all the way to the horizon, like a soaring eagle. Your spirit hearing is super sensitive like a bats and your spirit sense of smell could detect injured animals from miles away, just like a wolf. We don’t often have access to these super human senses in the physical world, but we do have access to them when we learn to shut down the physical ones and occasionally when we dream travel with our spirit.
The clairvoyant eye is our spiritual eye but it has been attached to the end of a thought. If you send that thought to a loved one then you send that clairvoyant eye along with it. If you are patient enough to sit and wait for its return then a vision of your loved one returns with it. In a similar vein the clairaudient ear is like a physical ear that is sent on the end of a thought. Sit back and wait for the words to return with the reciprocal thought from whoever you sent it to. The spirit ear doesn’t sit in the same location as your physical ear so the sound could appear anywhere. It could be inside, outside, far away or a shout right into your ear.

Clairvoyance and clairaudience are not special gifts for a rare few. We are all born with these gifts but these rarified senses have become atrophied from birth. We are trained by our parents and peers to ignore these spirit inputs as just figments of our imagination and like any muscle that isn’t used it weakens through lack of use. These senses are the ones used by indigenous natives to such great effect and the same ones that our forefathers used to hunt. They painted the animals that they wanted to hunt on a cave wall and that is like sending the spirit eye out to hunt for you. The visions that they then experienced told them where the best hunting grounds could be located. Finding food, water and avoiding danger was a daily necessity that made these invaluable to primitive man.

It isn’t just the senses that are duplicated in spirit. You spirit body is a complete duplicate of the physical and they attach to each other through a silver thread. This can stretch over endless distances and it is only at the time of the physical bodies death that this cord breaks. It is this body that has been reported to appear to relatives when a loved one is dying. Your physical body has its memories and these are relatively filtered by the physical brain to ensure that you don’t take in and store too much information. Your physical body just couldn’t handle that much data. However, your spirit body and its spirit memory takes in everything and when you return back to spirit those full memories are available to you, along with all the super sense information, unfiltered emotions and telepathic reactions from everyone you interacted with tagged on top. What you end up with is a ‘life review’ where you can see every minute of your life in detailed levels beyond anything that our technology could produce. Full immersion, high definition, surround sound replays of events that affected you but imagine having all of the reactions from those you interacted with as well. Did your sense of joy cause someone else’s pain? Did a smile, that didn’t even register in your physical memory, brighten someone’s day and change how they viewed their life? Did a throw away remark ruin someone else’s life?

Every thought we have is real. They go out and they carry different levels of our energy with them. Some we are really emotional about and carry lots of energy. They tend to land and cause some sort of reaction. Others are considered to be just throw away thoughts but they do still carry small amounts of energy with them. If you have these occurring on a regular basis then energy starts to accumulate and will eventually activate and manifest in some way. Remember everything that you put out there comes back to you at some point, good or bad.