Soul Shift (finding where the dead go) – Mark Ireland

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imageI have just finished Soul Shift and felt compelled to write. The book follows Marks journey from the death of his son to the realisation that there is no such thing as death. There is just Life and More Life. For some this will be a life changing book. For me it was sad in parts, yet ultimately joyful and life affirming.

It was so bizarre reading Marks summary at the end of the book. I felt like I was reading something that I had written myself, it so closely reflected my own current views on the afterlife.

One of the best lines from the book appears in a lucid dream where Mark and Brandon are reunited. After telling Brandon how much he had missed him since he died Brandon replied with, “I didn’t die, my father died”.

There are so many meanings derivable from so few words that it just blew me away. Mark mentions a few in the book but I read it another way and my wife in yet another. The depth of a biblical parable in only six words. Genius.

I read that phrase from the side of Spirit. We spend eternity in the other side and small portions in this physical world. Mark has probably always had a relationship with his son but when Mark decided to reincarnate he would have died (in a sense) from Brandon’s life in the spiritual realm. Once he was born they were reunited. When Brandon died Mark felt the loss that Brandon may have felt when Mark was born into the physical.

I think death is just too a strong word for what is just a temporary separation. We miss but don’t morn when someone we love walks out the door. We expect to see them again either when they walk back in that door or we go through to meet them. The transition to the afterlife is no different.

My wife’s interpretation was that the father that Brandon had known was no longer the father that was visiting him in dreams. His spiritual path had led him so far along the path that the Mark Ireland that Brandon knew in life was gone and instead a wiser more spiritual version now existed.

Our physical bodies change every 10 years and I know I am not the man I was 2 years ago. This is in part thanks to books like Soul Shift that reaffirm that I am on the right path in my new spiritual journey.

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