Spiritual Teachings – William Stainton Moses

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The Rev William Stainton Moses was an Oxford scholar who quite by accident and at the bequest of his employers sick wife started investigating spiritualism. What he did not expect was that he would become one the leading lights of Spiritualism and this book, collected from spirit writings over 11 years, would become a bible to many spiritualist.

What makes the book so powerful is that Moses had nothing to gain from it. It is just the facts as told to him by a band of spirits, led by ‘Imperator’, and the struggles of the author in coming to terms with the information being passed to him from spirit. Today I was compelled to go and browse second hand books stores and what should I find but a rare 1894 memorial edition of this book. This book was the first book I downloaded, from the SNU (see link below), when I started looking into spiritualism. I think I was being guided back to it as I have been struggling recently with what spiritualist literature is entirely truthful. I can only quote a except, from the authors introduction, as to why I think this book more trustworthy than any other. “This introduction has become autobiographical in a way that is extremely distasteful to me. I can only plead that I have reason to know that the history of the pleading Spirit with one struggling soul has been helpful to others.” M.A.OXON – 1883 This was not a man interested in his own fame and he actively shunned the public eye, wherever possible. You can read the whole book for yourself below – many thanks to the SNU for making this book available to the world again. http://www.snu.org.uk/Images/pdfs/Spirit%20Teachings.pdf