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Jun 16

Out of your mind

Karma tends to get a bad rap. We say, ‘Oh that’s just Karma, there’s nothing I can do about that’. In reality Karma is just all the baggage you carry around with you. Every event and emotion you have experienced in your past. Your mind collects these and keeps throwing them back in your face, …

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Jun 23

Sending your spiritual senses in a thought.

The five senses, that we as so used to using, also have their counterpart sense within your spirit body. Your normal eyesight is pretty neat but your spirit eyesight could see clearly all the way to the horizon, like a soaring eagle. Your spirit hearing is super sensitive like a bats and your spirit sense …

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Oct 07

Earthly Cycles: How Past Lives, Karma, and Your Higher Self Shape Your Life – Ramon Stevens

After finishing Ramons first book (Conscious Life) I moved onto his second one. This was approved by Robert Butts, who provided the Foreword. Robert was the husband of Jane Roberts and co-author of the Seth Material. If anyone is qualified to critique works on Entities and how Karma shapes their works then it is Robert. …

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