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Aug 16

Which world do your thoughts exist in?

Three years ago I was in the habit of doing automatic writing each night and I was producing so much at the time that I didn’t really have time to read it all. I wouldn’t even classify it as automatic writing, more steam of consciousness. Anyway, I came across this piece and it seemed interesting …

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Aug 13

Ramon Stevens – The Alexander Material

I am just starting to recognise a pattern in my spiritual life. I discover a rich wealth of metaphysical insight only to discover on further investigation that my teacher has passed on to the spirit world. Such is the case with Ramon Stevens. I have just finished reading ‘Conscious Life’, which reaffirmed and solidified all …

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Mar 07

Where spirits are located when working with a medium

Not everyone has the ability to be a medium that spirit can work through but everyone has some ability in that direction. What you shouldn’t forget is that you are essentially spirit, the only difference between you and spirits in the afterlife, is that your spirit is encased inside a physical body; like one of …

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