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Sep 03

Immortality (and our employments hereafter) by JM Peebles M.D.

I am glad to announce that I have just finished digitally mastering this J.M. Peebles’s book from 1880. One hundred spirits tell us about what it’s like in the afterlife. It ill appear in the major distribution site (amazon, Barnes & Noble etc) but you can purchase now using the Lulu link below and at …

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Aug 29

Leslie Flint – Direct Voice Medium

Leslie Flint was one of the worlds greatest direct voice mediums. Over the span of his 60 years in mediumship over 500 recordings have been made of the various voices that came through from the spirit world. I can see no alternative reason for Leslie doing this all his life other than he genuinely believed …

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Jun 14

Mediumship par excellence 

I was fortunate enough to attend a demonstration of an emerging Scottish medium last night – Barry Hogg. Barry’s mediumship was on par with Gordon Smith, Tony Stockwell and James Van Praag but the comedy element of his style placed him above the others for down right entertainment. 

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