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Jun 16

Out of your mind

Karma tends to get a bad rap. We say, ‘Oh that’s just Karma, there’s nothing I can do about that’. In reality Karma is just all the baggage you carry around with you. Every event and emotion you have experienced in your past. Your mind collects these and keeps throwing them back in your face, …

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May 18

Free mindfulness meditation book

Mindfulness in plain English – (UPDATE – no longer available as a free download) However, there are lots more free Buddhist ebooks available in this wonderful site. http://urbandharma.org/udharma5/ebooks.html  

Nov 12

Mindfulness of the mind – Gil Fronsdal – week 5

Now that we have practiced with mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions and thoughts in previous weeks, the new instruction is to turn the attention around and notice the mind itself. Not just the content of the mind in terms of particular feelings or thoughts, but the quality of the mind; the mood of the …

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