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Sep 03

Immortality (and our employments hereafter) by JM Peebles M.D.

I am glad to announce that I have just finished digitally mastering this J.M. Peebles’s book from 1880. One hundred spirits tell us about what it’s like in the afterlife. It ill appear in the major distribution site (amazon, Barnes & Noble etc) but you can purchase now using the Lulu link below and at …

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Mar 07

Where spirits are located when working with a medium

Not everyone has the ability to be a medium that spirit can work through but everyone has some ability in that direction. What you shouldn’t forget is that you are essentially spirit, the only difference between you and spirits in the afterlife, is that your spirit is encased inside a physical body; like one of …

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Nov 14

Spirit Teachings (1883) – Stainton Moses

Excerpts from “Spirit Teachings”, automatic writings of Stainton Moses. Spirit is in itself eternal. We will speak of it first before it reaches your earth. It had a prior existence in the spheres which underlie, surround and control your world. All spirit finds its home in space till it takes upon it a body of …

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