The Belief Work Series – Part 1

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beliefEvery journey begins with the first step

Why is it that we seem to start life as such innocent babes and end up as such neurotic head cases? By the time we have reached our twenties we have more false beliefs, phobias and prejudices than a whole 16th century village put together. And the sad thing is you can almost guarantee that these hang ups will probably still be with you when you die.

Admittedly there are some people who do escape these bonds and they go on to lead wonderful productive lives. We have all probably met and marvelled at at least one of these angelic souls in our lives. Most of the time though that person has had to hit rock bottom first and they have had to crawl from the very gates of hell to be in the position they are in now. Whether it’s through addiction, abuse, war, hunger, famine it’s always the same outcome. At that point of complete desolation a human either surrenders to despair or surrenders to life. The first will usually lead to death and the latter to acceptance, compassion and a joy of living. It’s a shame that so many of us, to be saved from ourselves, have to put one foot in the grave to achieve any lasting peace in our life.

Have hope though, there is an alternative method but it involves a fair bit of hard work, absolute honesty and if possible someone that you would trust with, if not your life then at least your life secrets. This is the essence of Belief Work.

In your early childhood things will have happened around you. Some good some bad and in some cases downright horrendous, I hope the latter didn’t happen to you. Most of us just have an event that a child will relate as either good and bad, pleasure or pain. When one of these events happens we will immediately form an early emotional impression based on that situation. This impression or belief will stay with us, from that point onwards, until it is faced, recognised, understood and altered to a correct view.

Let’s start simple. You are a young baby and bee flies into your pram; you see this brightly coloured buzzing toy and marvel at the wonder of this beautiful occurrence. However, your over protective mother has a phobia of bees and starts screaming and trying to get the bee away from you. You survival instincts kick in and you know that whatever scares your mother should rightly scare you. An instant association has been created in your conscious mind and stored in your subconscious mind so that the next time you will react quicker. This subconscious memory bypasses the normal thinking part of your brain as its primary aim is survival and that requires instant reaction without the thinking brain getting in the way. You have now created a belief that bees are bad. A phobia that will haunt you into your adult life and cause serious issues in your normal day to day life.

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