The Belief Work Series – Part 3

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beliefCore Beliefs

At this point I should explain what a Core Belief is.

In your camouflage system you could hold hundreds, maybe thousands of beliefs but when you start to categorise them you will notice that many start to fall into buckets that we can label as a core belief. If you can identify a core belief then you can alter just that one belief and the result of that will be the change or annihilation of hundreds of lesser beliefs. Working this way will save you years of work. Identifying the core beliefs is the tricky part as it usually resides in the subconscious so you won’t even be aware of it. You may need professional help to recognise these core beliefs. You may also need help with your natural sense of denial as core beliefs may go against everything that you currently see as true.Imagine living in a different time when everybody thinks the world is flat. Suddenly someone comes along and says that it’s actually round. One by one everybody you know is switching to the idea that the world is round. This is a core belief and there will be a lifetime of believes built on that premise that the world is flat. If you accept this core belief then everything else that you were so sure off starts to crumble. As I’m sure you can imagine this would have been a hard process to go through as the reset of a core belief will almost certainly rock your foundations. It’s like loading a new operating system into a computer, shutting down and restarting. Your desktop is never going to look quite the same again.

Here is an example list of some core beliefs. Do any of your beliefs fit nicely into these containers? Perhaps you can identify one that you know needs to be worked on now.

· I am a bad person
· I am powerless
· The world is dangerous
· I am wrong in some way
· They are all out to get me
· There is no god
· Life has no purpose
· I am not good enough
· I am different to everyone else

You will notice that I deliberately selected a list of negative core beliefs. The chances are if you are doing this kind of work that these are the ones you are looking for. If you can change one of these you may find that the others start to change by themselves but let’s look at that in more detail in the next part. The one thing you can be sure of is that none of the negative beliefs is actually true. However this is something that you need to discover for yourself because all your life people have been telling you that you are good enough but you still don’t believe them. In the next post we will look at how to realign those out of balance beliefs.

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