The Belief Work Series – Part 4

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beliefRealign your Core Beliefs

Let’s say that you work out that one of your core beliefs is that the world is a dangerous place and everybody is out to get me. Just by writing down a sentence like that you immediately start on the path of improvement. If you have found something so basic in your psyche then all your work up to today has been well spent. Just knowing a truth can improve your life, dramatically. But how do you go about changing something so fundamental in your subconscious. Right off the bat start replacing that negative thought with a positive opposite one. Write it down, it’s your first mantra, your first affirmation.

“The world is a safe place where people want to be my friend.”

Keep reading this out loud. Read it every day, many times a day and certainly before you go to sleep. Eventually it will start to stick. You won’t replace that childhood core belief, as it was imbedded into your subconscious so early in your life that it’s always going to be there. However you can put a positive balanced belief on top of it, like painting over some nasty graffiti. At first you will still see the old belief through the paint but as you paint some more layers on top it will become harder to see. Occasionally the new paint might crack and the old belief will pop through but over time this will happen less and less. What you don’t want to do is totally eradicate that old belief as you probably created coping skills that compensated for it. Let’s say for example that as a child you were always scared and this seemed to attract bullies to you. You may have counter acted this by developing a great sense of humour, to deflect their blows. It would be a shame to throw this skill out with the baby’s bath water. Over time you will notice that things that used to scare you don’t scare you as much. People actively approach you with a better attitude and you treat them better. The world becomes a friendlier place.

Changing something as core as this could have so many knock on affects. Suddenly that misplaced fear of a particular race or stereotype might start to dissolve. Those kids that used to frighten you suddenly become good fun to watch as they are playing. They’re not doing it to annoy you, they are just having fun.

You will probably find that a whole new list of beliefs suddenly appear as your world changes. Write them down as well. You need to make sure that they fit in with your new core belief. If they don’t then they are false and need to be worked on some more. Reinvestigate your core belief constantly. Make sure that they still apply, that they still make sense. By fine tuning and re-examining your beliefs you will rebuild your whole world view or as Seth likes to say “We create our own reality”.

How do you know you are on the right tracks?

Simple, you will try and stop yourself. You will deflect yourself away from that belief or distract yourself with other business. If you discover resistance in yourself then that’s the place you need to go. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Get a big floodlight in there and see what all the fuss is about. This is your life and you need to do it justice. Live it the best way that you can, not how everyone else told you when you were young. You’re big enough and smart enough to make your own path now.

Additional Material

Reference site for negative belief list –

This site contains an extremely helpful free eBook on balancing core beliefs. It is well worth a look. This book has many question and answer sheets to help you discover your negative beliefs, your emotional trigger points and how you predict future events based on them. An invaluable aid.

For further insight on belief work check out the Pathworks lectures by Eva Pierrakos. These lectures were channelled insight from spirit and you can download the PDF or a free audio file of the lectures from the site.
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