The Chart of Existence – Frederic Myers (SPR Founder)

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Jacobs LadderThe following short extract comes from ‘Beyond Human Personality’ by Frederic Myers ( through the automatic writing of Geraldine Cummings). This text, from the 1930s, is amazingly close (in its description of the afterlife) to the messages given to Jane Roberts in her ‘Seth Materials’. Simply replace Group-Soul with Gestalt Entity and there is a good fit. Does this prove that later authors are subconsciously regurgitating previous material or is it just that there is a common theme running through all these disparate works (going all the way back to Swedenborg) that proves the existence of an afterlife. You decide.THE following statement is an index, or rather an itinerary, of the journey of the soul.
(1)  The Plane of Matter (The commencement and development of Human Personality).
(2)  Hades or the Intermediate State.
(3)  The Plane of Illusion (The Lotus Flower Paradise).
(4)  The Plane of color (The World of Eidos).
(5)  The Plane of Flame (The commencement and development of Cosmic Personality).
(6)  The Plane of Light.
(7)  Out Yonder, Timelessness.
Between each plane or new chapter in experience there is existence in Hades, the intermediate state, when the soul reviews its past experiences and makes its choice, deciding whether it will go up or down the ladder of consciousness.
The Group-Soul: A group of psychic consciousness or community of souls.
Within the Group spiritual affinities meet. It is one and yet many. The informing spirit provides a unity, is the integrating principle.
(A) The First Disguise (the material body).
(B) The Second Disguise (the body of a discarnate being on the Third and Fourth levels of consciousness).
(C) The Third Disguise (The stellar body, a symbol of solar consciousness).

Our Notes:

I) The first disguise is actually a dual body. The physical body is joined by cords to an astral double. This double provides our connection to our soul, Group-Soul and the Spirit that created the Group-Soul. During sleep it leaves the physical body and reconnects with Spirit. It comes back when we awaken revigorated and filled with fresh ideas for the coming day. Whether we pay heed to these instructions is down to us.

When we die these cords are severed and the astral double goes to Hades (level 2) to await the Etheric Body (B) being created. Here we rest and review our life in minute detail. We experience our daily decisions but this time we view them more as an observer. This added perspective allows us to see how our decisions have affected others that we have came in contact with. Once we decide to move on from this state we leave the husk of the astral body behind in Hades, like the physical body we have left on earth. At Level 5 we start to discard all need for form and the body becomes a more fluid organism. By the time we have reached Level 7 a body is no longer required as we have merged with the One, we are as God. Few make it this far.

II) The husk of the astral body can at times still be emotionally drawn to a place or event and this husk can be utilised by other base spirits that linger near the material world. Many of the apparitions that ghost hunters experience are these husks but they aren’t animated anymore by the original souls. For example, a grey lady roaming a castle could well contain a different soul, each time it is seen in that location. Trying to communicate with it would make no sense. It would be like trying to carry on a conversation in a Facebook Group. You are always talking to the same group (body) but the writers constantly change. They have no idea of the last sentence you asked or the correct response. They may not even be human, as we would know it.

III) Hades is not a hell but it can be for some people and even then not for eternity. Even the most hardened sceptic will eventually succumb and allow the guides, that are there to help them move onto a happier existence, to do their jobs. The more open your beliefs are, when you reach Hades, then the quicker and easier you will move onto your next stage of consciousness. As Seth says constantly – you make your own reality – don’t make that reality a gilded cage that will ensnare you when you move onto your next life.