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It’s amazing the things you can find on Youtube. I spent an interesting three hours yesterday watching a condensed version of an international workshop led by Gregg Braden on the ‘Divine Matrix’.

Gregg was a scientist but now writes and talks about the Divine Matrix and other fields of spiritual wisdom. Like all good teachers Gregg has a likeable manner and the gift of making the inaccessible seem almost understandable. In the link below he looks at how our prayers can be empowered with emotion and how this all ties in with the new science of quantum physics.

Gregg shows how the top three chakras pertain to our thoughts and the lower three encompass emotion (Love or Fear). If you can merge the two, at the same time, in the heart chakra and imagine that your thought has already occurred then we have the potential to change the universe that we live in. Sending these empowered thoughts into the Matrix, Field or Grid initiates one of countless possibilities that lie before you. This innate power that is hidden in us all (eradicated from western literature by the early Roman Catholic Church) is commonplace amongst other holy scriptures. The lost gospel of Thomas mentions that when the two become one that mountains can be moved. Gregg asserts that this refers to the joining of thought and emotion to produce Feeling. Feeling being the truest meaning of prayer, not just mouthing the words and moaning when it doesn’t become reality for you. Take for example the woman that can lift a car to free a trapped person or child. Perhaps she didn’t develop super human strength. Perhaps her thought to save and her love of the trapped victim just created a compassionate feeling that alters the atomic structure of the car. So, for a few seconds that car was as light as a feather.

Gregg demonstrates (using independent scientific experiments) that feelings can change DNA. When DNA is bombarded with positive emotions the spiral relaxes. When the emotion directed at it is negative it tenses up. Another experiment shows that when photons in a vacuum are introduced to DNA they form a DNA shape. When the DNA is extracted they retain that structure. If you take out the middle constant of DNA from both experiments then the natural conclusion is that feeling can alter matter. He demonstrates that tumours can disappear (live on camera) with positively directed feelings of good health. China has many of these medicine-less hospitals where trained practitioners envisage you as being healthy and if you have the same belief then you will be healthy.

Where Gregg differs from other researchers in this field (like Dean Radin – author of ‘The Conscious Universe’ and ‘ Entangled Minds’), is that he adds a spiritual element to the science. His travels to Tibetan monasteries and Shamanic cultures have backed up this New Science with ancient knowledge to show that although science is only discovering that we live in a holographic living breathing universe that the old civilisations have always known this. The names may change in Tibetan, Indian, Chinese or Native American cultures but the basic truths are there. A compassionate thought empowered with love can change the world we live in for the better. Conversely a materialistic thought powered by fear can negatively effect the whole universe.

This consciousness grid can now be measured thanks to a study by Princeton University. Using devices spread around the world they can see peaks of consciousness when major world events take place. In the case of 9/11 the peak started almost 24hrs prior to the disaster. It was almost like we knew unconsciously that something bad was about to happen. Whether this could be used to predict future disasters is still debatable.

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