The Hierarchy of ‘The One’

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yinyangAs a concept it’s sometimes hard to grasp phrases like ‘Oneness’, ‘All that Is’ or ‘Being at One..’.I am hoping that this article might help clarify this in my mind; and perhaps even yours. I think that it can probably be more simply explained in the context of the act of creating a child.

The female egg can be likened to a single thought, a creative source of all possibilities. In this state it is perfect, unlimited and unmanifested into what we would consider to be form. The many will derive from ‘The One’ but without some action ‘The One’ would not evolve, and evolution (change) is a necessary part of all existence.

However, this evolution will involve introducing duality into the mix – in the shape of the male sperm. The sperm is the action required to bring that creation into manifestation, the thrust, movement, the emotion attached to the thought. When the force of the sperm meets the stillness of the egg then a big bang is produced. In eastern terms it is best imagined as the Yin and Yang symbol. The interplay between male/female or dark/light.

Soon the one cell seperates and becomes two, then four, then eight and so on. Eventually there are billions of cells all massing together into a form, a new born human being. As parents, or observers, we are totally oblivious to this process; and the amount of cells involved in creating this miracle of nature. In our eyes we just see the results, a baby, pure, innocent and uniquely – ‘The One’.

But what is the difference between ‘The One’ cell and ‘The One’ baby? Granularity (see notes below).

Oneness is in the eye of the beholder, and is relative to your position in the hierarchy of spirit worlds. If you were at the hierarchical level of being a cell, then inside that baby you would consider yourself to be ‘The One’ -surrounded by the many. But higher up in the hierarchy, would that baby shed a tear for the skin cells, that fall off into it’s mattress at night? Why just last night that cell considered itself to be ‘The One’. From a higher level still is that baby ‘The One’ or just another cell surrounded by the many.

The same can be said of you and your relationship to ‘All that is’, ‘The Source’, ‘The First One’. You may feel self important, and that the universe revolves around you. In a sense it does, but the same can be said for all cells within you, and around you. ‘Everything That Is’ are all parts of the ‘First One’; the original thought that all creation derives from. You are as important or unimportant as a pebble being washed smooth on a stream or a planet racing through the depths of space. As Einstein formulated so beautifully – everything is relative.

‘The One’ does not need to recognise the many, as long as the many all follow the same path – the same truth. Recognising ‘The One’ on your own hierarchical level is relatively easy. When a single part of the many, fails to follow the path of ‘The One’, then dis-ease results. These cells feel cut off from Oneness and in there fear of dying they corrupt their own bodies and those around them. ‘The One’ will suffer, in some way, but may be oblivious to that suffering initially. It is only when that dis-ease turns into disease that it mastisizes. That mass can then be felt and viewed by ‘The One’. Dis-ease has taken form in its own right and is as a cancer to ‘The One’. But I digress, that’s a totally different subject and not one for this article.

Wikipedia describes granularity as “..the extent to which a system is broken down into small parts, either the system itself or its description or observation. It is the extent to which a larger entity is subdivided. For example, a yard broken into inches has finer granularity than a yard broken into feet.”

I tend to view this from my IT viewpoint where the granularity viewed in a database is an important factor for looking at information. You need to decide which level you will be viewing your data from and then make sure that all the data has been converted to the same grain.

There is no point in adding 1kg to 500g. All you get is 501 nonsensical units. You need to convert both to the same grain first. It would either be 1000g plus 500g equalling 1500g or at a higher level 1kg plus 0.5kg to equal 1.5kg.

The same applies in the hierarchy of spirit life. What may seem important at our level may be insignificant at a higher level, once the grain has been applied. If spirit life is anything like databases then the rule of granularity may still apply. The lower the grain that you decide to look at, then the more computer resources you need to do it. If we consider physical life to be the lowest level of the spirit granularity then that might explain why material life is so difficult and why the physical body doesn’t last very long. It just burns itself out through the sheer effort of existing in the lower vibrational levels of this material plane. As we move up through the planes of existence, and we move the focus away from material Ego-mind towards a life of spiritual though, then the body we inhabit becomes finer and seems to last longer. Eventually we inhabit a form that will last for the rest of our eternity. Each one of these evolutions of form brings us one step closer to the the original ‘One’.