The Ivy bush and the Group Soul

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ivyI am fortunate enough that my work smoking shelter borders the external wall of our grounds. The flat top walls have been planted with an amazing display of ivy that has spread over the years to form a cascading waterfall of foliage. At this time of the year the leaves look somehow more than alive. They have a vigour that is visible to the naked eye that almost screams vitality and life. I have also been fortunate enough to have been reading some of the channelled works of Geraldine Cummins recently, more specifically – ‘The Road to Immortality’. This amazing book, has as it’s main voice from the afterlife, none other than the esteemed Frederic Myers (Founder of the SPR).

myersIn the book Myers explains, in very succinct manner, the processes of death and what lies beyond it for the weary traveller. One of the chapters covers the subject of the Group Soul, which does tie in with another of my great passions – Jane Roberts ‘Seth Material’. Myers description of the Group Soul is remarkably similar to Seth’s Gestalt Entities. It’s nice to know there is nothing new in the world. Anyway, I diverse, back to the bush.


I was puffing away and absentmindedly looking at one of the leaves of the aforementioned ivy. It was at least 3 inches higher than the rest of the bush, almost like it was saying that it deserved to be closer to the sun than all the other leaves. Then I realised I was appreciating only one tiny fragment of an immense Entity, that is the whole bush. This leaf represents me and my spiritual struggles to get above the mass of materialism and pop my head above the canopy; out into the sunlight. Someday soon that leaf will fall to the ground and be absorbed by the roots of the ivy bush. Its life will feed the lives of so many new leaves and perhaps with its extra days in the sun it will have more energy than the other dead leaves to impart to its predecessors.

For me to appreciate that one leaf though someone had to have a thought and had to put the seeds of that thought into action. Some gardener looked at the soil filled void and imagined a bed of ivy. He then planted the seed that grew and grew until one rainy day I could stand and appreciate a solitary leaf. The same applies to us in a Group Soul (Gestalt Entity). God has an idea, a seed of thought. This thought manifests into spirit, which is the Group Soul (bush). The Spirit has a need to create, to experience as much of life as it possibly can and to achieve this it creates multiple Souls; with which to gather these experiences. These are the leaves of the bush.

We are souls, leafs of an entity, which manifest into human bodies. Whilst in those bodies we develop an Ego that makes us forget that we are part of something greater. The Ego somehow convinces us that we are the bush. An individual leaf may think that it is different from all the rest, deserving of more of its share of the sunlight, but in the end it will still fall to the ground and be reborn in the shape of another leaf.