The lake of the ego

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20130505-215018.jpgClose your eyes and visualise with me for a moment. I want you to see a beautiful lake surrounded by towering snow capped mountains. The lake is so calm and still that it reflects the mountains identically. The mountains are your physical body, the surface of the lake is your Ego and the depth of the lake is your inner being. In our picture everything is still and perfect but that’s not how life works in reality.
External forces will be generating winds, currents and disturbances on the surface of the water. When the Ego is in full flow it will result in the lakes surface becoming unrecognisable. The mountains can no longer be seen in the reflection of the water. The ego and the body are at odds with each other but below the surface there is a depth of stillness that no surface conditions can ever affect. When you have come out of the mountains and dived beneath the surface of the lake you are transported to a place of absolute peace. The mountains and the surface of the lake are not important here, they are just containers for the depth of your Being.

Imagine the lake is all quiet again. You are floating on the surface just staring up at the sky and those soaring mountains. A light breeze is rippling the edge of the lake and moving branches across the surface. For a long time you don’t even notice this movement, not until a branch bangs into you. Then another hits you and another. They seem to be gathering around you now and making it difficult to stay afloat. You start to push against them but your thrashing is just disturbing the surface more and it seems like your resistance to these branches only draws in more. This flotsam is your past. It just floats on the surface of your ego waiting for a chance like this to come back and cause you problems. Suddenly the sky isn’t blue anymore, clouds have started to roll in. These clouds are your worries about the future, once there are enough of them it will be too dark to fight of the amassing tangle of your past. This is going to be dark and painful.

Why fight it though? Why waste all that energy fighting your body, your ego, the past and all your worries of the future?

Dive under the surface and swim slowly away into the stillness of your being. When you come back up you will be in clear water. Close your eyes to the clouds and forget them. By delving deep into your being you have disconnected from the ego long enough for your inner peace to return. The ego may keep struggling but what can it do when every time it tries to drag you down you disappear and pop up somewhere else. We all need to come up eventually, we can’t avoid living in the material world but with the knowledge of the stillness below we can all make life a more pleasurable and spiritual experience.