The Laws of Progression versus Reincarnation

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20140524-230246-82966830.jpgEvery religion has some form of reincarnation belief in its system. However, none of them are totally correct or for that fact totally wrong. The Law of Progression tells us that we evolve eternally so, being reborn into the sphere (that you have just departed) is a ridiculous concept. We have lived before, but our reincarnation isn’t backwards in direction, it is always an advancement; and our memory of these previous existences are very seldom remembered in our present life form.

In between each stage of life we reflect on the one we have just experienced. We learn from our mistakes, try and put right the wrongs we have committed to others; and then we move on. During this process we have access to all our previous life cycles, as they may be relevant to our behaviour in their ewe have just lived. You only exist once on what we call Earth, your previous life’s will have been in some lower environment, not necessarily in this universe or even this dimension.

To imagine this process consider if you were to read a novel (one chapter at a time), but as you finish one chapter you forget what you have just read and you start a new chapter. That next chapter would seem incredibly confusing. Why did that happen? What was the point? Why am I here? Then you finish the chapter and before you start the next you reflect on the last one and suddenly all the previous ones spring into your mind. Ah, that’s why that happened in that particular way. Now I know what it was all about. Its time to move on. Oops, I seem to have forgotten it all again.

Each chapter is an evolution of the book of life. They need to be read in order ,until the book is finished, and it’s only when the book is finished that the whole picture reveals itself.

Our earthly body is the highest form of physical existence. When we leave this plane we progress in spirit form, evolving to the point where we no longer require form at all and exist purely as conscious energy. So we don’t come back to earth but we are born again. Don’t get me wrong though, there are rare occasions when advanced souls do venture back to Earth, but usually to guide and teach a whole generation.