The Point of Power is in the Present

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I decided to randomly open Seth’s ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ and stopped at this little gem. Enjoy.

Many people who write to me feel that they have unusual psychic or writing abilities, or sense an outstanding need to help others. They constantly compare what they do with what they think they are capable of, but often without making a start toward the development of their own abilities.

They want to write great philosophical theories, for example, perhaps never putting pen to paper, or trusting themselves enough to begin. Some want to help the world at large but all they do is think about this desire without trying to implement it at all in practical terms. The ideal in their minds becomes so great that they are always dissatisfied with their own performance yet they are afraid to make a start.

The loving acknowledgment of their own uniqueness would in itself show them how to begin to use their own abilities in their own way, and to trust their present situation. The ideal is not yet materialised. It is just the essence of a direction. But that direction can only be found by using what you have in the now that you know, and by acquiescing to your own opportunities and abilities, and using those through the power of the present.