The Quantum Heart Sutra

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I hope nobody is offended but I amended the Buddha’s ‘Heart Sutra’ for the Quantum Generation.

When we sit in silence,
When we’re living life so deeply;
We touch the emptiness of All,
And break the bonds of dreaming.

Form is no other than emptiness,
Emptiness no other than form.
Particle is merely wave expressed;
Wave, is form returned.

Feeling, thought, and choice,
Consciousness itself.
Thinking, doing, being then;
are all the same as this.

All things are by their nature void,
They do not feel your pain,
Nor are they stained or pure at heart,
Nor do they wax or wane.

So, in the void – no thing,
No feeling, thought, or choice,
Nor is there consciousness,
No listener to your voice.

No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind;
No sound, smell, taste or touch,
All that the mind takes hold of,
Most surely turns to dust.

No time exists or end to it,
No future and no past,
The spacious present opens out,
No death prevails at last.

So know this now – your Quantum Heart,
A wave atop an ocean,
resides in perfect being now,
As one – static in motion.