The Risen – August Goforth & Tim Gray

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imageSometimes you just discover a book by accident and it resonates inside you. It opens doors in your mind that you didn’t even know existed. Like Alice down the rabbit hole a door will appear where no door was. The key to that door is also magically sitting on a plinth in the middle of the room. How could Alice have missed that before? ‘The Risen’ is such a book.

August Goforth (an alias to protect his clients, as he is a practising psychotherapist) and Tim Gray (an artistically creative spirit friend of the physical author, who died in the early 90s) have used their respective skills, and merging of thought, to produce a book – that I would consider to be required reading. Certainly one that I will be going back to again and again. I read a lot of spiritual books (on my iPad) and I judge it by how much I highlight interesting sections. It’s getting to the point now that it’s almost becoming ridiculous and it would be easier for me just to highlight the whole book. I have to add that although the iBook version is good the physical copy is better. It is a beautifully designed book. A piece of art in its own right. This was how The Risen involved in the project wanted the book produced. Every word, placement of words, space between the words and font selection is all part of the vibrationally lifting experience, that this book produces in your psyche.

The book is written in a conversation style between August and Tim, which makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to read but underneath the text lurks a power of compassionate, intelligently directed, spirit thought. This has allowed me to discover as much about life in the next dimension as I have about my own Ego-mind. Not only has this book helped me to see the hidden room but it has also kicked open the shuttered windows and allowed the light of truth to shine on the grubby lies that cower within, untruths that have moulded themselves, created their own personalities as pale imitations of my true Authentic Self.

In scientific speak, these simulant selfs are created by our Ego-mind to help the physical body to survive in this harsh earth environment, but they have taken on their own conscious awareness and they now imagine that they are the real ‘I’. Once this happens they have a natural survival instinct, to stay alive as long as possible; even into the afterlife. We are all constructed of these multiple personalities. They rule our daily lives whilst we allow our Authentic Self to slumber. Some are roles that we are aware of, like parent, employee, friend, lover etc, but there are just as many hidden ones that vie for our attention; each with their own agenda and need to avoid or survive death. These simulant selves are driven by fear, grief and separation but once you start to expose them, and find the quiet space where they aren’t quite as vocal, then Authentic Self starts to shine through. The book takes you through some of the processes of acknowledging these fragments without injecting them with increased power. Once they are recognised, dissected and understood they start to dissolve. At this point Authentic Self needs to wake up and take responsibility for the actions, that these pale shadows once deemed as their own.

This is the first spiritual book, that I have read, that touches on 9/11 and it’s important that more do. The whole world changed on that day and I don’t think anyone in the world wasn’t affected by the events that transpired. In an event, like the Twin Towers collapse, many souls struggle with the suddenness of their transition. Like August, many sensitives from all around the world helped these confused souls to move from the cloudy chaos of New York to the loving arms of their own Risen Ones. Each of us that was touched by that event, and sent our compassion and love out into the Ether, helped strengthen the spiritual rescue work that was going on during that hectic period.

Reincarnation is always a sticking point, with any spiritual seeking. Chapter 25 covers this subject but is so packed with information that it could have been a book in its own right. This is the most enlightening chapter I have ever read, bar none.

‘The Risen’ gets 10/10 for me.