The soul garden

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What is the difference between what is inside of us and the divine spirit that surrounds us?
Nothing – to begin with.

Our body is a self created boundary, formed around a section of the universal spirit, with the intention of creating an embodied spirit. That encapsulated spirit becomes the soul of the body but it is still the same as the spirit that it was formed from.

Imagine a beautiful wilderness garden and as an experiment we decide to build a wall around a small section of it.  We put in proper foundations for the walls structure and the wall is so strong that even the river, that it cuts through, has to flow around the property.

At first, when the wall is initially built,  there is no difference between what is inside the garden and what is outside.

Over time we neglect the internal garden and the weeds, that we should have been tending to, start to choke the beautiful flowers.

In the corner there is a tree, that normally would have grown old, weakened and blown over in the wind. It has found a way to lean heavily on the wall for support and nothing grows beneath the shade of this overbearing giant.

The water, in the section of river that you blocked off, has stagnated. Any life that did exist in it is long gone. The plants that relied on the constant flow of water have withered away. In time we will drain that area and make it a sandpit for a child to play in. Even those manufactured moments of pleasure won’t replace the joy of sitting by the running stream as it gurgled and chortled on its way.

Given enough time the garden inside becomes so unmanageable that no one goes into it any more and it looks like a cancer spot set in the heart of this landscape of natural beauty.

Your job, as the creator of that wall, is to make sure that this garden is tended properly. Weeds need constant picking, new plants need to be tried and tested, the water needs to flow through the garden unimpeded. Eventually you will discover that your garden adds to the beauty of the outer garden and the wall will be unneeded. Slowly brick by brick you remove that artificial boundary between your garden and the universal garden; your portion of spirit merges with the universal divine spirit.

We are divine creators but only to the extent that it adds to the glory of the divine creation.