The spaces in between reality

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imageThis will seem a logical sequence of events for a human mind. We think of something that we want, we go and get it and then we put it somewhere. For example, let’s say that you want a solid wooden cube as a footstool. You go to the shops, you buy it, then you bring it home and put it in the middle of the floor; within leg reach of your sofa.

What happens if we spin that around though, what if we twist the logic a bit, does it still work out the way we thought it would.

We assume that bringing that piece of furniture into our living room has displaced the same amount of air from the room. As we pushed a wooden block in an identical block of air was pushed out the door. We know that nothing ever dies and that energy can only be transformed, not destroyed; that’s just a basic fact of energy conservation. But what if we look at it from the space where the block will eventually sits point of view.

That is a cube of potential energy just waiting to do or be something. This potential energy hears your thought to fill it with a wooden cube OR as it would see it, transform itself into a block of wood. It doesn’t actually exist there – when it isn’t there, and that state doesn’t change even after it is there. Enough of the quantum molecules are whizzing in and out of existence to give you the impression that your empty bit of carpet is now being dented by a heavy block of wood; but appearances can be deceptive. If you could stop linear time dead in its tracks then you could probably pass your hand straight through the gaping holes in the block.

That space is in between, and that space decides what appears in it from moment to moment, universe to universe (multiple dimensions added there – like it wasn’t hard enough). Your thoughts and desires might influence it towards one form over another but it has its own conscience, its own awareness, and it decides how that will be achieved. That wooden block is essentially an amalgam of your thought and the spaces potential. Without either of your participation it just doesn’t need to be there. Those molecules can be off doing something more interesting.

I think the best way to describe this would be to imagine a cube of lights. 10 bulbs wide by 10 bulbs tall and 10 rows deep – 1000 lights in total. Imagine that you are looking at this box of lights, exactly in front of it. You would only see 100 lights from your angle (10 wide by 10 tall). The rows behind would be hidden to you. You can see that all 100 lights are on, a solid square of light and as far as you are aware all your lights are working, you have a solid box of light. However as you lift up your head a bit and move to the side you can see that some of the lights that you thought were actually on in the front row are currently on in the rows behind your one.

Lets imagine that there are only 10 lights on in each of these rows, but from the front perspective they are still all on; at least in your little slice of the universe. And the more you watch, from your higher offset angle, you start to realise that they are moving between the rows, they are never static. As you reach down to feel the heat on a few of the bulbs (on your front view) they disappear from the rows behind so that they are all in the right place for you to feel them. As soon as you remove your hand they blink to another row, to another dimension that needs them more at that moment.

In a different vibrational level a being will be doing this same experiment, but their point of view will start in between your row and the other 9. Your row is behind it and of not much interest, Because 10 lights are always on in your batch of 100 they will potentially only see 90 lights. This carries on all the way though the rows so that the last being is looking at a 10 by 10 board of lights where there are never more than 10 lights on at a time. It is far easier to spot the holes on this level. The lights almost become ghost like.

This same analogy applies to our dimensions. In our physical world we see all 100 lights and the objects in our world look and feel solid. As we transition from this world to the next then less and less atoms are used in the forms that make up that world. As we progress through these worlds form becomes unnecessary – we move towards an existence as a pure being of thought, light and love. It’s not the rows of lights that are important, it’s the space in between where all the fun stuff happens.