The truth about Aliens

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imageLet’s be honest, we live in a pretty big universe. The chances that we are the only planet that supports life has to be pretty slim. Have they been providing technological advances and spiritual guidance to us ever since our earliest foot steps, as conscious beings? Probably, but not necessarily from outer space – think inner space instead. I know this is probably hard to take in but right now, at this very moment you, and what would naively class as an Alien, could be sharing the exact same space. You can’t see them and they can’t see you. You can’t touch them and they can’t touch you, yet your atoms are probably colliding together at a quantum level.

I think that there are countless versions of the earth and that they all exist simultaneously in the spacious present. Parallel earths, alternate histories, all probabilities exist outwith what we have demarcated as linear time. The only thing that stops us seeing them is a slight variation in our core frequency. Our earth resonates with a core pulse, a heartbeat called the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz). Studies have shown that when the human brain is screened from receiving this pulse (in a faraday cage) that we suffer from emotional distress and migraines.

Our brains frequency is linked extensibly to this core frequency, the core frequency that matches this particular version of earth. Each of the other versions of earth has its own core frequency and it is this difference, and nothing else, that separates our earth from any of the others. We are finely tuned, like a radio, to pick up this earth station, but it is possible to retune yourself and visit other earth realities. Now, if we are capable of this reality shift then it isn’t too much a stretch to believe that other beings, from other earth realities, can visit us in the same fashion. It is these visitations that have sparked our greatest civilisations. Atlantean, Incan, Egyptian, Grecian – all inspired by spirit beings. And when the core frequencies alter then the contact ceases and these civilisations are left to decay.

Why do they come?

When we collectively send out messages of peril, then mankind’s cries for help alter the core frequency of our earth and draws it closer to other probable earth frequencies. Scientists have noticed that recently the Schumann frequency has been rising. Perhaps we are drawing close to another visitation, from the spirit worlds beyond those thin veils. Perhaps the earths impending destruction is pivotal to their appearance.

What would these alien worlds and alien beings look like?

There will be some un-earths that would, at first glance, be exactly the same as this one. Perhaps even one where Germany won the 2nd world war. Perhaps one where slavery was never abolished. Another where science and religion never took hold and Nature is all there is. Or perhaps one where consciousness has outgrown the need of a physical body. Many may have experienced some of the disasters that we face and could provide guidance on avoiding destroying this beautiful planet. Others could be so mentally advanced that our emotions are totally alien to them, and are therefore worthy of studying, like we do with animals.

We need to remember that what we physically see with our sense of sight is highly symbolic. The world that you see may not be the world that I see, even when we are looking at the same thing. We also have a bad habit of humanising everything that our brains don’t understand. Shadows become figures, patterns become faces, flashing lights become spaceships and so on. Many of the paranormal phenomena recorded can probably be explained by a bleeding over from a parallel earth – Ghosts, Demons, Aliens, UFOs, mythological creatures. We are spirits in material bodies and so are they. You see a spirit when you see them and they see a spirit when they see you. Therefore there is only spirit and everything else is just our interpretation of spirit.

Can these beings cause us harm?

No, not in the sense that you would normally associate with a physical act of violence. When an alien probes us it happens at the level of our psyche. However, if your psyche doesn’t understand what that probing is it could interpret it as an assault, and that could filter down through the Auric and  Etheric bodies and emerge as physical symptoms on your physical body. Suddenly a probe of your psyche becomes an anal probe and you have difficulty sitting the next day. Yes, perhaps that is taking it to extremes but bruising and scarring can materialise on the physical body after emotional trauma. This can be seen in stigmata cases and demonic possession. We create our own realities and our own body is part of that reality. If your brain can’t interpret a psychological intrusion it will overlay symbols from your belief system onto that data. This can manifest as physical events, that make sense of the limited information that is available to you. Interpretation of Spirit is very subjective and sometimes what you see is genuine, other times you have fabricated it – how would you ever know the difference. You can’t using the physical mind. It is only at the level of your psyche that you instinctively know, and unless you are skilled in disassociating from physical life then you may never know for sure. However one day you will leave your physical body for good, and on returning to Spirit yourself, much of what you have experienced in life will make more sense.

Is it all bad then?

No, only if we make it bad. When the Spanish conquistadors appeared to the natives of South America they were hailed as Gods. If the Spanish had not abused that trust then that visitation could have been beneficial to both parties. A mutual exchange of ideas, emotions and love would have created a far better reality, and the same applies to contact with other earths. Replace fear with curiosity. Hatred with understanding. Prejudice with compassion. We are all one, from the same source, under the same sun. We can choose to participate in these cosmic events and in doing so expand our knowledge and spiritual well being. The alternative doesn’t even bear thinking about.