The Universal Cycle of the Spirit Spheres.

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magicJulian Jaynes, author of ‘The origins of Consciousness in the a Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’ (1976), discusses at great length the shift in correspondence between man and the spirit realm. How over millennia it has changed from one of personal discourse, between a hunter gatherer and his spirit guide, to the birth of gods and a more impersonal transfer of knowledge; through third party priests. Eventually even this correspondence dries up and man feels forsaken by God. He attributes these sea changes to the population growth and the annoyance that this caused the spirit world. Civilisation after civilisation grew weary of their spirit advisors, perhaps thinking that they knew better, and as the spirits withdrew from them each successive civilisation crumbled along with the departure of spirit advice.

When I read J H Brennan’s account of Jaynes book I had a gut feeling that the constantly changing form of spirit contact wasn’t due to evolutionary factors but that the crux of the matter lay in something that we are all familiar with – the natural cycles of the universe.

Yes, great empires were influenced and subsequently flourished because of spirit advice but I think that each civilisations demise was not due to a population reaching critical mass and imploding but more to do with the waxing and waning of the spirit spheres, a law that is carved into the natural universe. What we have dubbed as the dawn of Aquarius is no more than a cycling of a new sphere of spirit influence upon humanity. However, this particular sphere is not dominated by elemental, animal, alien or god like figures. This time it is our own departed souls that bear the responsibility of leading us into a new spiritual age.

This explains why spirit communication tends more towards a more personal contact with our dearly departed than some unknown mystical deity. It is the time of man but at some point in the future even this cycle will wane and a new force will align with Earths sphere, perhaps even one that has been worshipped before. Perhaps in several thousand years once more a gods voice will be heard thundering from the clouds, so that all can hear at once. I doubt that any one of us will be alive to witness this and perhaps that is why the spirit cycle spins so slowly, so that these changes of season are not so obvious to the human mind.

Of course this could be utter rubbish fabricated in a wine soaked mind. For all I know there could be one race of spirit advisors, who have always been with us, but who felt it was necessary to change their appearance, and style of discourse, depending on our current needs, beliefs and courage. After all a simple caveman would only understand an animal spirit whereas a media based society like ours would demand a multi faceted, constantly changing god. Anything less would be boring and not worthy of us voting on our ‘Which god has talent’ smartphone app. If this computer based civilisation doesn’t implode, like so many before it, then perhaps ‘Magic’ is due for its return on the spirit wheel of fortune. Perhaps our love of books (like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones’) self predicts our own future, when once more man will bow down to the power of Elf Lords and mischievous elemental sprites. After all, what goes around comes around…

Inspired by reading Whispers by J H Brennan.