The universal jigsaw

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20131214-100549.jpgImagine that the Universal Being is a black and white photo on the cover of a jigsaw box. The picture gets broken up and thrown out across the multiverse. Eventually all the pieces evolve in their own lifetimes and return to The One. Slowly the picture comes back together only now it is in glorious technicolor.

Each piece has added its own experience to ‘All That Is’. Compare it to the box and strangely the box image is now in colour as well. The pieces get thrown back into the box, shaken up and cast back out into space and time. The next time the picture comes back together the colours are brilliant and as they shimmer produce a beautiful harmonic symphony of music.

And the box lid? It matches! Like it has always been so.

We are a tiny fragment of one of these jigsaw pieces but each as important as the next in creating an amazing evolving universe.