Time, Language and Seth – The Cordella

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hourglassIn Jane Roberts Seth books several propositions appear consistently. One is that we create our own reality and another is that time does not exist, outside of the three dimensions that we currently inhabit. Linear time is a figment of our physical body, there is only the present moment – ‘The Now’. It’s a difficult concept to get your head around, that past present and future events actually happen all at once. Add to that the fact that they occur multi dimensionally as well. And you end up with a real head banger.

If your conscious waking mind could handle all of this information then you could experience your birth, death and everything in between – right now. You could experience probable events that you didn’t choose and see how they played out. You could meet variations of yourself from different times, places and even worlds. You actually do this every night, in your dreams, but you seldom remember and what you do remember is so overlaid with symbolism that it doesn’t make sense to your physical mind in the morning.

You’re brain is probably hurting right now. I don’t blame you. After all how can everything happen at once? How can something end before it began?

Think of it this way. The world as we know it (and all the worlds we don’t know) are created from language. One of the most important lines from the Bible is – “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1.1)

Our spoken language is a tiny subset of a limitless unspoken universal vocabulary – The Word. (Seth refers to it as the Cordella)

When we speak we create words from combinations of letters, selected from a tiny alphabet. We join them together into sentences, interspersing these words with various forms of silence. When these words are spoken action is generally initiated as a result. If I were to say to you “Please stand up”, then you would either refuse or comply but either way an action arose from that precise combination of words. That’s simple enough but how does that tie in with the ‘No Time’ concept!

Whenever you start a sentence you already know how it will end. You could not start without knowing the end. You have to have the completed sentence before you can say it otherwise you are just adding random word after random word. You would probably sound like a politician 🙂

Your sentence is actually a circle, which you can join at any point – just like Time.

As Seth constantly mentions we are the hub of a wheel and events are on the rim of the wheel. We connect to them through the spokes. It isn’t linear in any sense of the word and it allows us to jump in and out (through these connecting spokes) to be anytime – anyplace – anywhere – anything.

I will leave the last words on this with Seth.

“While you can only speak one sentence at a time, and in but one language, and while that sentence must be sounded one vowel or syllable at a time, still it is the result of a kind of circular knowledge or experience in which the sentence’s beginning and end is known simultaneously. If the end of it were not known, the beginning could not be started so expertly. “

“In the same way the experienced event occurring in time is dependent upon a circular happening, in which beginning and end are entwined, not one occurring before the other, but coexistent.“

Seth – The Nature of the Psyche