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20140315-093956.jpgI had just ordered a copy of ‘Psychic Politic’s by Jane Roberts and awaited its arrival with great anticipation. I also ordered a first edition copy of ‘Adventures in consciousness’, which at the time of writing this article hasn’t arrived from America yet. In between ordering Psychic Politics and starting to read it something strange started happening to my wife and I.

It was a Tuesday night and I was fast asleep when a male voice shouted my name, very close to my ear. I woke with a start. I realised that this wasn’t an external voice, like someone speaking and it wasn’t internal either. This voice seemed to only exist on my eardrum, almost like someone had mimicked the movement of the ear to produce that particular sound. Imagine someone whispering your name so that no one else could hear it but saying it so close to your ear that it no longer sounds like a whisper. Two days later my wife heard the exact same voice and again it said my name but her experience of it was definitely external. The night after that she heard a woman’s voice at the bottom of our bed but only caught the last word of the conversation “Message”. The following night I was awoken with the word “You”, again neither internal nor external.

This seemed to be the end of this strange week of experiences so we started to discuss what it could be. Neither of us had encountered any other descriptions of voices that matched this scenario in any of our research, which seemed unusual considering the amount of data that we both had. My wife has read hundreds of books on the paranormal and nothing seemed to match this particular set of circumstances. Was it telepathy, clairaudience (spirit voice), some hysterical audible trickery or just the first signs of senility? Whatever it was it still eluded our efforts to identify it.

During this time Psychic Politics had arrived and I had started to read it. Suddenly I reached chapter 19 entitled ‘I hear a voice and there’s no one there’. Starting from the eight paragraph Jane describes waking to Robs voice shouting “Hon”, which was his usual method of wakening her from her afternoon naps. As they meet in the hall, after both coming out of locked rooms, they realise that rob was thinking of waking Jane at the same moment that she was hearing him saying it. She knew it wasn’t his dream voice as he was already speaking to her in the dream, that she woke from. This voice came from somewhere else.

For me it was like being slapped in the face. Was this whole week just an elaborate exercise to teach me a spiritual lesson? Another wonderful example of synchronicity at work? I don’t think this lesson is finished yet, I suspect that it will interweave with future experiences and in time lead me to a place in space and time where it will all make sense. For the time being though I just marvel at how special the day to day experiences of this life actually are.

(Ps – I had just finished the last line when the door went and the other book has arrived from America. Talk about perfect timing.)