Voices in the dark

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image“What was that? I just saw a ghost walk through that wall, but that’s impossible. Did you see it as well?”

“No, I was concentrating on this damn puzzle. Don’t get so hung up on this ghost thing though. You are under the impression that somehow a phantom from another dimension appeared and walked through that wall. It’s closer to the truth to say that the exact opposite happened. Now, please be quiet whilst I try and solve this box or we’ll never get out of this room.”

Morris stepped back out of Oliver’s light, to let him concentrate on the strange box. He was turning it this way then that way in his hands. Every now and again he would slide a wooden panel, a click could be heard, and then the box would look exactly as it was before. Like a Rubiks Cube. The light from the box did seem to be increasing though.

Morris had never seen a ghost before. Seeing one would be cause enough for alarm but this one had winked at him, just before it vanished through a solid stone wall. It just didn’t make sense and his head was spinning enough without being told that whatever he had just seen, or imagined he had seen, was the exact opposite of what he was thinking. Oliver was always doing that. Just when you thought you had a grasp on something solid he would pull the board out from under you and splash, you were floating (once more) in a sea of uncertainty. It was so infuriating but he didn’t have the time to think about that yet. Morris hadn’t taken his eyes of the point where the spectre had vanished, and now a face was starting to appear again through the brick work. Just the face this time, the rest of the body stayed on the other side; It was most peculiar. The face smiled, it said something, which Morris couldn’t hear and vanished again.

Just then there was an almighty whirring sound and the box in Oliver’s hand glowed silvery white and then poof, it was gone. In its place was an old rusty key.

“Done – right lets get out of here.”

Morris followed Oliver to the door and watched as he unlocked the big wrought iron framed door. The oak creaked and groaned as the door lurched open. Minutes later they were walking along a long dark corridor. They were heading towards a distant light. Morris looked at Oliver with a puzzled look on his face. A look that Oliver had seen many times before, so he knew what was coming.

“What did you mean by ‘the exact opposite happened’, back there”, asked Morris.

“I told you before Morris. There is no Time and there is no Space. There is only the consciousness of the group soul. That spirit didn’t appear in our dimension, you moved ever so slightly into its dimension. As far as he was concerned you were the interloper. All the dimensions exist in the one place. Think about it like a cup of tea. You have water, tea, milk and sugar all inside one cup. From the perspective of the tea maker it’s all one cup of tea. Perhaps though the tea leaf sees the cup from its point of view and isn’t aware of all the other components that exist within the cup, within the same space, within the same time.

Your bond, your connection with that spirit just happened to make the thin veil between your respective worlds dissolve for a second. Both worlds exist within you Morris. Within your Group Soul. Once you learn to master that you can pass quite easily between each layer and learn from other fragments of your Oneness.”

Morris frowned. “Yeh, it’s that easy..” Oliver laughed and picked up the pace.

“Just because you could see through its body doesn’t mean that it is any less real than you are, in so many ways it is more real than you. That spirit is on a higher level of experience than you are right now. Just like a caterpillar sitting on its solid leaf. It sits there wondering how the butterfly can float in mid air. The caterpillar feels the ground is the only possible medium for movement whilst the butterfly believes air is more solid than earth. Both are right, for there current existences, they have just forgotten that they are actually one and the same.”

As the corridor opened, into a sunlit courtyard, another thought came to Morris.

“Why couldn’t I hear the spirit talking then?”

“Ah”, said Oliver, “you just weren’t listening with the right ears. You are so used to hearing with your physical ears that you have forgotten how to use your spirit ones. Your spirit ears don’t connect with nerves, like your physical ones, but they are finely tuned for that environment. It’s a good idea to train them before you move to the next sphere. It’s a bit like being a ventriloquist I suppose. The spirit needs to make the sound in your throat, they create vibrations there, vibrations that can be sent back up nerves and interpreted back into words that appear inside your head. To you it would sound like it had come in through your normal ears. Most spirits can do this but there are times when the spirit and medium are so in tune that the spirit can actually produce a physical sound from the mediums throat. It takes a lot of energy from both sides but it does mean that other people on the mediums side can hear the spirit as well. Because there is so much effort required to do any of these feats it usually easier to just bypass all the physical efforts and to speak mind to mind. The only problem with that is that most people just assume it’s their own self talking, as it just sounds like your own voice. In its extreme some people will just feel that they are going mad, especially if lots of spirits want to speak to the same medium at the same time. For the untrained, like yourself, it can feel like being on an old fashioned telephone exchange but you keep forgetting to unplug the connections. Eventually there are so many people talking inside your head that you can’t hear your own voice anymore. Doctors tend to label that as Schizophrenia and lock you up. Most of the time it’s just a case of learning how to unplug those unused connections.”

“That makes sense Oliver. So those voices that I hear, as I’m falling off to sleep, are possibly just spirit practicing with my throat.” Morris had to shield his eyes from the sun.

“That’s right, and if someone else is with you and they hear it as well then that’s Direct Voice Mediumship and that’s …”

Suddenly the air seemed to stop moving. The two glanced worriedly at each other and just as Oliver was about to finish his sentence the air started to sweep upwards. It was such a rush and the air moved at such a pace that their breaths were swept up with it. The next moment they were both being lifted into the vortex. Clasping each other they rose rapidly, beyond the height of the courtyard walls. Oliver could just make out the grey hills, far beyond the Great House. And the mountains beyond the hills, just as he passed out from lack of oxygen.