What if God had 3G?

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Imagine if you can, a situation where your God (whatever name you use for him/her) were to call you up on your mobile phone. After you had gone through all the standard security checks, to make sure that it is in fact ‘The Supreme Being’, the conversation turns to one of Revelation. You are given instructions on how Man should live his life in accordance with Natural Law and that in so doing you will guarantee yourself an afterlife of joy and everlasting communion with God. These Laws are told to you in a style that you will understand. Incredibly they fit in with the music of that song that everyone knows and better still they relate to the world that you live in. It seems like the perfect solution to mans eternal struggle for the meaning of life and you have it playing inside your head. What could possibly go wrong?

You. You are human, you are fallible, you make simple errors and your mind cannot handle such simplicity. You will try to sing someone these simple rules but like Mariah Carey you will over embellish the song. Your ego will require you to build around these simple words and your followers will add their own egos and slant to it. By the time the rap version has come out you won’t even recognise it anymore. Pretty soon a new religion will have been established around the now grandiose versions of the original message. Given time a greatest hits album pertaining to the ‘Divine Revelation’ will appear and contain not just the message but a complete history of the medium that carried this word of God to man – iPhone. We will bow down and praise this great messenger of God. Through its glorious ear piece God gave his commandments unto his chosen people. As it was said from the iPhone so was it written in the iPad and instantly it was digitally stored for all time in iTunes. Each new follower will proudly wear the golden apple around their necks so as not to forget the sacrifices of iPhone. In time other beliefs will argue with the words and music, so perfectly enshrined in the iCloud. We will march as one to defend our faith, killing if need be those that would try to stop us from following the Laws as laid down by iPhone. We will gladly lay down our life’s in the hope of better download speeds when we take our rightful place in the iCloud. Any acts of sins can easily be wiped clear by the purchase of iTunes vouchers.

The ramblings of a maniac? You might think so but look closely at your own religion, whatever dogma you follow. Does any of the above ring true.

What kills the word of God? Man does, or more correctly mans ego does. Gods laws are simple. You could engrave them on the outside of your heart and still have room left over – so why add to them! We all instinctively know what they are. We know when we are doing wrong. We don’t need it written down. We were all born with it. You don’t need a church to speak to God. All you have to do is be quiet enough to hear him. The fact is it’s too easy and that’s what drives us mad.

Love God, Love your neighbour and Love yourself. Seek knowledge where ever you can find it and never stop growing intellectually and spiritually. It’s that simple.