What is Karma?

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I think like most people that have grown up on what television thinks’ Karma and Reincarnation’ is all about I have a pretty simplistic view to what Karma actually is. However, after reading the excellent book ‘The 11 Karmic Spaces’ by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati I have had to re-evaluate my beliefs. Born into a Jewish family, marrying into Catholicism and living in America you would be justified in thinking that her views on Karma would be a bit out there. Nothing can be further from the truth, her writings are succinct and easily understandable to a lay man like myself. The big advantage, from my point of view, is that the lessons in the book apply to all religions or even no religion.

Ma Jaya stresses the importance of not wasting your time trying to find out who you were in past lives. Finding out all your previous mistakes and karmic screws ups will just confuse you and probably drain your wallet. The whole idea of a new life is just that, it’s a new page to get those karmic lessons right, without the baggage of previous lives weighing you down. You do carry them forward and you can fall into the same patterns as you have before. However, with the 11 lessons in this book you can start to recognise these patterns, stop them in their tracks and actually go into your next life having maybe balanced some of your karma. If you can carry this positive karma into more and more of your future lives then true enlightenment is a real possibility for you.

According to Ma Jaya there are 11 karmic spaces that affect our soul. These are Jealousy, Anger, Pride, Indifference, Ego of Self though, Lack of awareness, Intent, Worldly desires, Abuse of power, Desire to be right and Attachment. Through the exercises in her book you can spot these emotions, create a gap between the emotion and the action where you can make a different choice; a better choice for the good of your soul and everyone else involved.

There is no such thing as good or bad karma. It is just a natural law of the universe and is neutral in it’s essence. Too much karma either way is detrimental to your soul. Like everything in the universe balance is the key. If we can learn to balance our Karma and internally our Chakras then we and ultimately the whole universe benefits.