What is spiritualism?

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“Spiritualism, in its broadest sense, is a knowledge of everything pertaining to the spiritual nature of human beings. It is cosmopolitan, eclectic, uplifting, and heaven-inspiring. Spiritualists, being believers in the Christ, have the New Testament promised spiritual gifts — the gift of converse with the so-called dead, the gifts of healing, the gift of tongues, the gift of clair-voyantly “descerning the spirits,” and other gifts spoken of in the ancient scriptures. Spiritualists, believe in the great law of evolution. They teach that there is sweet reward for well-doing and certain punishment for every wrong action; and that all the good and divine that is attained here, will be retained when entering the spiritual world; that we are building now, by our conduct and characters, our homes in the future state of immortality.”

“And man is a spirit now — a spirit living in a material body, which body bears something of the same relation to the real, conscious, invisible man, that the husk bears to the corn,— chaff to the wheat.

Evidently man is a trinity in unity, constituted of a physical body, a soul, or soul body, and a conscious, undying spirit — one uncompounded, indestructive divine substance — the Divine Ego. Advanced spirits are denominated angels. Spirits are but men and women divested of their mortal bodies. They have taken with them consciousness, memory, reason, sympathy, character. They walk by our side often, and yet unseen. Philosophically considered there is but one world, and that one world embraces the yesterdays, the todays, and the innumerable to-morrows of eternity.

Spiritualism, with its signs, wonders, visions, and healing gifts, was the religion of the apostles; of the post apostolic fathers, and of the primitive Christians up to the reign of Constantine, the murderous Roman Emperor.”

Excerpt From: Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress) DLC. “What is spiritualism, who are these spiritualists, and what has spiritualism done for the world?.” [Battle Creek, Mich.] : Peebles Institute Print, 1903. iBooks.
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