Where is your mind, exactly?

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brainThis is the brain scan of an English man that passed his Maths Degree from Leicester University. The two images on the left are a normal brain and his (right side) are basically a thin layer of brain tissue filled with liquid. It defies logic that a human with so little brain mass could function normally unless the brain isn’t the main repository of a conscious mind.

If you remove a small piece of heart muscle and give it to a brain surgeon to examine he will be hard pressed to notice that it wasn’t brain. Either all our organs have a capacity for storing information or mainy of our mental facilties exist on another level and just use the body as a transmitter.

Original scientific paper for this case

In a similar case a 24 year old chinese woman has managed to live to 24 without her cerebellum which is responsible for movement and balance. She has mild symptoms but has basically lived an ordinary life.

New Scientist article

Even if we take any New Age theories out of the mix, and apply standard science models, then it still highlights the amazing capacity for the human body to overcome issues in it’s own make up.