Where spirits are located when working with a medium

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realmNot everyone has the ability to be a medium that spirit can work through but everyone has some ability in that direction. What you shouldn’t forget is that you are essentially spirit, the only difference between you and spirits in the afterlife, is that your spirit is encased inside a physical body; like one of those old diving suits that you see in old John Wayne movies.
We all have the ability to run an athletic race but only a few people have the dedication and natural ability to win an Olympic medal, the same applies to mediumship. I am not a gold winning medium, nor will I ever be, but attending psychic development classes has enabled me to expose some of my spirit gifts and allow me to appreciate those that do have this natural ability. It’s like watching a sport for entertainment, you enjoy it more if you have taken part in the event yourself. It is the aking part that allows you to understand the finer elements of that sport.
During a recent development class I started to see the aura of each spirit, as they worked with the volunteers who were standing on the stage. Obviously I was overjoyed that Spirit had allowed me a glimpse into the workings but it wasn’t till I read the passage below, from an old mediumship guide, that it all started to click into place. I could see the person on the stage and I could also see a glow of a figure behind them. This figure would be taller than them and usually just off to one side. The excerpt below explains that when a spirit is working with a medium that they stand at the back and slightly above the medium. From that position they are better placed, using their will power, to entrance the mediums spirit. This forms a conduit between this world and the next. During this training stage the spirit who is making this connection will be a recent arrival to the afterlife, and better suited to the task because their link to the physical plane is still responsive. After a period of training the link between the medium and the guide is sufficiently strong enough that a higher spirit can piggy back on that connection; the higher spirits are usually of a much finer vibrational material than the guide and they would find it incredibly hard to make a connection themselves. The earths physical matter is too coarse a material for an elevated spirit to work in but they can converse through the intermediary guide; it is equivalent to us making a teleconference.

When Jane Roberts was speaking to the spirit Seth ( read The Seth Material ) occasionally a more powerful spirit called Seth Two would come through. For this to happen the spirit guide Seth had to act as a medium, as well as Jane. Given enough time, and if there was a necessity to do so, then quite possibly Seth Two could also have become a medium in that chain, and allowed a higher Seth Three to speak to the world. Each person in the chain relinquish their control for a period to allow a higher spirit to communicate through them.

In this case the chain was Seth Two (sender) – Seth (conduit) – Jane (conduit) – Robert (receiver).

Robert was Janes husband and acted as a scribe during their sessions. As Jane was in trance she wouldn’t have heard Seth or Seth Two without someone recording the conversation. It is probably likely that Seth was unaware of Seth Twos conversation as he would have been entranced as well.

Reference Material

‘It is not necessary that the spirit operator, geographically speaking, should be near you when you experience his power, although clairvoyants frequently see the spirits at work upon their subjects, making ‘passes’ over, and pouring out their influence upon them. This force, or ‘aura,’ is luminous; it varies in density and color according to the conditions, and is often thrown upon the sensitive from behind, the spirit mesmerist standing a few feet from, and a little above, the medium. The operators who do this preliminary work of entrancement and training are almost invariably those who are not very far removed from the earth grade of psychical environment—spirits whose aura is both physical and psychical, and who are therefore able to relate themselves readily to, and affect, the psychic sphere of the neophyte, whose conditions are not responsive to the higher and more subtle vibrations of exalted spirits, and therefore cannot yet be influenced by their advanced thoughts.

As the work of unfoldment proceeds and your psychic nature is tuned to a higher key, the spirits who have been engaged in the preparatory work are able, after they have entranced you, to stand aside and hand you over to the more advanced and powerful controls, who ensphere your brain and act upon it. These enlightened ‘teaching spirits’ are seldom able to draw near to the earth; distance is no barrier to them, save only the distance of grade and quality and thought and spirit, or the difference of plane, or spiritual state. It follows from what we have said that you can contribute largely to the development of your own powers by the cultivation of harmony; by sincerity of purpose and purity of motive as well as by spiritual concentration and aspiration.’

A guide to mediumship and psychical unfoldment – EW and MH Wallis 1903

The action of the controlling spirit is exactly analogous to what is known among you as mesmeric control. The spirit, whether in or out of the body, operates on another spirit in the same way. The controlling spirit affects the controlled by mesmeric power, and the shiverings are caused by the passage of the influence from the controlling to the controlled. When you know more of the action of all the forces which are operating round and in you, you will see that they are far simpler than you fancy; and that what we describe as will power is at the root of everything. —’Imperator,’ through ‘M. A. (Oxon.).’                   Spirit Teachings – Stainton Moses 1894