Whispers – Secret History of the Spirit World

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I’ve been a bit preoccupied recently and sadly neglecting my posts on the site. Bad boy, naughty boy, go to your room. I don’t know if anyone else does it by I often read the last couple of chapters of a book, to see if it’s worth reading the rest of it. This was the case with J H Brennan’s book ‘Whispers’. I started with the conclusion and was so drawn in that I asked my wife to order a copy (I annoyingly started reading it on the morning that her copy had to go back to the library). She had raved about it so much that she was more than happy to get a copy for our library.

Herbie is a prolific writer and is well qualified in his field to write a history of spirit contact. He has an M.A. In Western Esoterism from the University of Exeter and much of this book is drawn directly from his dissertation. He has written over 20 esoteric books and a wealth of fictional works. His skills as a fictional writer does help in that he knows how to write in a style that makes this dry material infinitely interesting.

The book covers so much ground.  Myths & legends, early civilisations, major religions, oracles, prophecy, occult Nazis, psychotic drugs, Jung, Modern Spiritualism, poltergeists, exorcisms, right up to modern Quantum Physics – no time period is skipped. If you have any interest in the history of spirit communication then you can’t go far wrong than add this book to your collection. The extensive Bibliography and worth the price of the book in itself. I will leave the last word with Mr Brennan.

Sometime in the depths of prehistory, a primitive human was born with a genetic mutation that allowed him or her to hear a voice, perhaps even see a figure, that others could not. The development proved to have survival potential…These origins are speculative and may well prove entirely fictional, but the reality of spirit contact is not. Evidence of such contact is not remotely controversial….This is the reality to which history points us. This is the reality taught by every major religion. This is the reality of the mystic’s vision and the shaman’s quest. This is the quantum reality discovered by our scientists. How long will it take for us to grasp it.