“Who am I”, asked Sherlock?

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imageWho am I? Am I the voice I hear in my head or am I the person that listens to that voice. Am I both or are they separate entities and which one survives death?

The voice in my head is my Ego personality. It was not here when I was born but has grown and developed with this body. It has systematically absorbed sense information, merging it with views and beliefs from those around me. It has developed weird and wonderful psychosis from the events that have played out around it. To my Ego – it is everything. It is the story of its own life on earth and so is the most important creation that there has, or ever will be. It is a spoilt child running amok in a lunatic asylum.

The one who listens to this voice, ever patient and ever silent, is the eternal spirit. This spirit has always existed and always will exist. It does not change or waver from its oneness with the source of all creation. It merely looks on in amusement, and unconditional love at the spoilt child that it nurtures. It lives in the hope that one day that it’s off spring will mature into an eternal spirit in its own right.

But which is real and which survives death?
Both is the answer.

The spirit, on releas from the physical body, returns to the spirit realm that it came from. None the worse for its trials but just a little bit more knowledgeable about love in its many forms.

The ego personality awakes in a new land, unaware that the body has fallen away from it. Clothed in an etheric skin, much like its old suit of flesh, it carries on with its child like behaviours. It takes the intercession of spirit teachers (often disguised as loved ones) to show it the error of its ways. After a life review this new personality has choices to make in its new afterlife,  eternal progression or temporary stagnation. Most choose progress but some still hanker for more earth bound pleasures and linger near earths frequency. When they are finally sated they will decide themselves that progress is the right and only way. At this time their life story is etched into the Akashic record, along its the rest of humanities, and a new journey begins for them.

The spirit that nurtured this fragmentary personality may have learned all its necessary lessons and it too may move onwards, or it could agree to aid in resolving some of the karmic errors created by their naughty child. Another incarnation may be a solution and another personality will be created in this process. This spirit is part of a greater entity known as the soul, wise from millennia of knowledge, acquired from countless spirits and their fragmentary personalities. We all play our part in this great pyramid scheme to enrich the source. It is through our free will on earth that source expands and grows brighter.

Another way to imagine this whole process is to imagine the varied life of a screen actor. We know that he is an individual in his own right but his fragmentary personalities live on in their own right. To many of us these personalities are more important than the actor playing them. David Suchet plays the spirit in our example and the great detective Poirot is a sub personality of that spirit. David is responsible for many of these creations and even after David has left this mortal coil (hopefully not soon) then we will watch recordings of his acting. Poirot will live on once more in our hearts. We might even switch channels quickly and two of David’s characters could exist simultaneously in our present moment. The actor and the part are equally important in this great play. One manifests the other but they both bring joy to the world in their own way.

One wonders if the sorely missed actor, Jeremy Brett, now converses at length with the Sherlock character that he created so vividly. Have the years of dedication and intent, poured into that portrayal, evolved into an entity in its own right. I would like to think so. I look forward to smoking a pipe with them both one day, whilst discussing the latest criminal mystery.