Your Psychic Potential – Richard Ireland

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imageIf I was only allowed to take one book onto a desert island, that would tell me everything that I needed to know about developing my psychic skills, then this book would be the one I would choose. It’s easy to read but covers almost everything to do with the subject, and in enough detail to answer any questions that might arise.

This work has been kept secret for the some thirty odd years (after Richards death) and it was only after the death of his son that Richards own son (Mark) was given the material by one of Richards old colleagues. Richard didn’t think the world was ready for the manuscript in the 70s. Some of the material is dated but that in no way detracts from the immense depth of knowledge contained within these pages. If you took out the references to the 60s and 70s then it would pass as a modern working that’s a testament to the quality of the writing.

The only section that I couldn’t relate to was the one on the correct diet for a psychic. However, the premise that your body is a temple that needs to be looked after, especially if you want to spend any extended period of time doing psychic work, is correct. It can be physically draining and many mediums that I have encountered seem to suffer from a wide range of medical conditions, perhaps exacerbated by the practise of mediumship. If you want to be a spiritual athlete then you need to keep the body in shape as well your mind. It isn’t Body-Mind-Spirit for no reason.

I love Richards ‘Challenge Technique’ method, for psychic work. It’s logical and less prone to erroneous interpretations from the medium. It’s almost like the game ’20 questions’, that you played as a child, but those simple ‘either/or’ responses can quickly build into very specific evidence, which is the corner stone of good mediumship. Sometimes good intuition and clairvoyant images are enough but by adding this technique to that groundwork you can expand those enigmatic symbols into solid facts, that will satisfy any enquiring soul.

It has been a long time coming but this book was worth the wait. Praise has to go to Mark Ireland for making sure that it reached the wider audience, that it deserves.

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